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Emsisoft Emergency Kit Review

Emsisoft emergency kit review

Emsisoft Anti-Malware is a straightforward, yet, multifunctional protective software for your devices. As for the Emergency Kit, it is a default part of several packages, namely, Anti-Malware Home and Anti-Malware Home & Mobile. Besides, the Emergency Kit Maker and Commandline Scanner also include the tool. Those who were lucky to try out the app had a chance to estimate its simplicity in terms of navigation, user-friendly interface, and reliability.

Highlights of Emsisoft Anti-malware 

  • Excellent results in the lab tests
  • Virus removal tests demonstrate effective performance of the antivirus
  • Double scanner decreases the overall scanning time
  • A quality, low-cost product
  • The program regularly offers some automatic updates
  • The free version is available

Emsisoft Emergency Kit review

Features of Emsisoft Antimalware 


Emsisoft Antimalware Home



Money back Guarantee

30 days

Real-time Antivirus


Manual Virus Scanning


USB Virus Scan


Registry Startup Scan


Auto Virus Scanning


Scheduled scan














Adware Prevention


Personal Firewall


Parental Control


VPN Service


Game Mode


Emsisoft antivirus software is a perfect way to protect your device if you are trying to avoid some high prices. The table above shows that the product is rich in diverse options, especially those that are related to scanning and anti-malware security. Talking about scanning opportunities, you should consider that there is one scanning core by Emsisoft and one more by Bitdefender, making the program even more powerful in terms of protection.

Thanks to Emsisoft Cloud Console, you can control the protection using any convenient device. In case there is any suspicious activity, an analysis of the program behavior blocks it while scanning options delete all viruses and malware. Note that the features called Windows Firewall Fortify block unlicensed Windows Firewall changes of the rules. Finally, Emsisoft’s Malware-IDS is a feature that allows you to prevent any threat before it gets into your computer and can infect it.

The anti-malware has got its private database – Emsisoft Network that stores information about all the applications. The idea of such a network is to collect data critical for the improvement of the behavior analyzer. What is more, you would like to know that this software is self-advanced, meaning that the antivirus will intercept an attempt to terminate the scanning process or any other program’s solution. 

Also, Emsisoft anti-malware offers both free and paid versions. Note that a free version allows you to detect spyware in two ways: through program behavior analysis and signature analysis. We tested both versions and would like to say that the free one is relatively strong; however, if you decide on shifting to a paid version – the price will surprise you in a good sense. 

Emsisoft Emergency Kit Overview

Is Emsisoft Emergency Kit free? 

Emsisoft Emergency Kit is available for free. However, note that the kit is only for the on-demand emergency removals. In case, if you want an advanced version of the tool – you can purchase an Emergency Kit Pro that is perfect for business needs. The kit is ideal for diverse repair technologies and help-desks; besides, it works with 250 devices. The cost of the Emergency Kit Pro is $99.00 / year. The Emergency Kit is also a part of two packages: Anti-Malware Home ($19.99 per year) and Anti-Malware Home & Mobile ($26.66 per year). 

Reliability and Security

Talking about anti-malware technologies, the best way to check the effectiveness of the specific tool is to carry out several independent tests. In addition to ratings, there should be manual testing of the user experience. We chose the last version of Windows 10 for our tests. After all the tests were completed, we saw that the Emsisoft Emergency Kit passed nearly all the tests. However, there still were several false positives.

In addition to reliable testing companies, we looked through several customer reviews, blogs of the specialists, and critics. The majority of these articles contained either positive or neutral feedback. We want to mention that we also checked whether the Support team Managers react fast in cases when a user faces some technical issue. The answer will be ‘Yes,’ we are satisfied with the result, and the manager helped to solve the problem in a few minutes.

As for the scanning capacity, the tool does not slow down the speed of your PC and blocks the detected threatening codes. Nevertheless, if we are fully satisfied with the ransomware protection, the developers should revise the anti-phishing feature as it is not as good as we expected.

Emsisoft Anti-Malware and Emergency Kit both use the same dual-scanner technology. It helps to detect even the most hidden parts of malicious codes, viruses, and other malware that is dangerous. The two-core scanner is a fusion of Emsisoft and Bitdefender scanners making the program even more powerful in terms of protection. All in all, keep in mind that the Emsisoft Emergency Kit is more of a helpful tool than an autonomous technology that will be enough for top-notch security.

Emsisoft emergency kit review, settings

Ease of Use 

There is no need to install the Emsisoft Emergency Kit app to start using it. Still, the program functions as many installable desktop apps. As a user, you will be gladly surprised with the way everything works: the tool works smooth, you can install all the updates in a few clicks. Emsisoft is straightforward to navigate and will have no issue while using it.

The program’s interface is comprehensive and comprehensive. Starting from the beginning of utilization, you learn what to do and how to find the desired option. The developers created a tool, where the size, color of the icons make your experience a top-notch as you quickly notice everything you are looking for and, thus, do not spend much time on the searches.

Emsisoft emergency kit scan settings, emsisoft emergency kit review

Lab Tests

Any anti-malware software should earn high rates in terms of adequate protection. We looked through the available test results from the independent parties. Notably, the Emergency Kit technology demonstrates outstanding ratings: the tool had passed 12 Virus Bulletin tests and received certification in nine of these. Moreover, according to the official site, CNET graded the Emergency Kit with 5 out of 5 stars, it has got an Editor’s Choice from the German Computer Bild.

Support and Customer Services

Emsisoft takes care of its customers and, therefore, you will be pleasantly surprised by the way the Support Managers communicate with the users. You are free to choose whatever way of asking your question: via an online form, email, or online chat. What is more, a community and knowledge base might also be helpful for you. If the community contains some personal concerns and situations of the real people, the knowledge base offers different guides.

To find out which way out of the offered three is the best one. The online chat is an effective way to get an answer to your question – we waited for only 6 minutes. As for the email – we would recommend it if only you have spare 13 hours to wait for the answer. Finally, a forum is a good way to find out something specific. All in all, we got our answers from all the information channels; the only difference is time we had to wait. For us, online chat is the best, then come different forums and, finally, email letters.

Emsisoft emergency kit review, customer support

Emsisoft Anti-malware

Emsisoft anti-malware  is a powerful protective tool for your devices; the software allows you to detect diverse types of online threats and block them. Even if you decide on using a free version, you still get enough protection for your device. You will appreciate the user-friendly interface that simplifies the user experience. As for Emsisoft Emergency Kit, it is a portable tool against malware that is a part of the Emsisoft anti-malware software.

Emsisoft anti-malware

Our Verdict 

Emsisoft Anti-malware program is an affordable and effective way to protect your PC and mobile devices. Three packages offer diverse sets of features, where one suite is suitable for home and mobiles, while another one works perfectly for businesses. Also, the antivirus includes a double-core scanner making the program a powerful fusion of the Bitdefender and Emsisoft products. Its portable app – Emergency Kit – is an easy way to carry out removal sessions quickly and effectively. Considering the democratic pricing policy, we would recommend Emsisoft Emergency Kit either as a separate application or a part of the Emsisoft packages.


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