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Cyber security is one of the most acute problems of modern times. Viruses and malware are frequently used by hackers to steal sensitive data. Internet users are vulnerable to spyware infection and need anti spyware software to stay protected.

Hidden threat you do not even suspect about

As a rule, spyware looks as a legitimate software program but it fulfills disrupting work you do not even suspect about. It tracks web browsing history, collects your personal information and shares it without your consent. Monitoring keystrokes, cyber criminals steal passwords and get access to your financial assets. The victim is not aware of these threats until the crime is committed. However, there are ways to prevent the worst from happening. The most effective way to avoid such situation is to take precaution measures. It is possible to prevent the crime on a final stage, when malicious malware has already penetrated the system.

List of symptoms warning of the problem

There are signs warning us of potential threats. Sometimes users notice that computer performs its work in a strange fashion. At this time pop-up windows emerge, you are redirected to unknown websites and get numerous spam messages. Internet performance is very slow, while the battery of mobile device is discharged too fast. You can suddenly discover unfamiliar icons on the desktop and unusual error messages. All these things are the signs of identity theft that occurred to you.

How to deal with infection

What should one do in such situation? You should remove infection from your gadget or computer as fast as possible. Best anti spyware can solve this problem easily. Anti spyware software scans flash drives, internal and external hard drives to make the computer clean again. Malware can modify the system of your PC and send your personal data to trespassers at any moment, consequently, the problem should be solved urgently. The choice of best anti spyware tools is not that easy for non-technically savvy consumers. Even free anti spyware software can be effective, while some paid products do not cope with their work. As you see, costliness is not a guarantee of quality and this is rather confusing for common users. Such people can rely on users’ anti spyware reviews or experts’ recommendations. They learn to analyze versatile information to discover the most efficient anti spyware. This article can be helpful for them.

Infected with spywareIt is important to remember that even best anti spyware tools are not able to detect viruses. One should not expect it from this software. These programs are developed to perform different kind of work. Anti malware tools can be limited even in the sphere of scanners’ performance and used to reveal only certain types of malware omitting spyware, for instance. Such programs should not wear the title of best anti spyware. It is better to exclude them from the list not to mislead consumers. There is a range of things to consider when you select among anti spyware programs. For instance, lightness is one of such features. The software should not slow down the computer’s work. This is especially acute for mobile devices that tend to have limited resources.

Let us have a close look on what is offered on the market and how these tools can protect us.

Super Anti Spyware

This program is a must have for security of your system. At least, it is better to start with it. Super Anti Spyware is able to clean the infections that penetrated the system. If you want to get full control of it, this is the ideal solution. After fast and easy installation the software is at your disposal. The program is very flexible and can be used to scan the whole device or its part infected with spyware. Manually operated software scans ZIP files that often include infected staff and deletes spyware from memory. The program is free but its professional edition requires payment. There is also a mobile version of Super Anti Spyware app for Android-based tablets and smartphones to prevent intrusion to your mobile.
Everything anti spyware does is stored in its log. The software is rather powerful and can cope with any malware and its damaging activity. It defeats spyware, adware, hijackers, key loggers, worms and other parasites.

Avast Free Antivirus

There is another efficient anti spyware program named Avast Free Antivirus. This is a comprehensive security tool, which detects and deletes spyware instantly from the system. It completes the task before the owner is aware of the problem. Try this anti-spyware to block unwanted files. Adjust the settings to your needs before launching anti spyware app.
Avast features Wi-Fi inspector and VPN client in addition to other options. Avast Free Antivirus presents a comprehensive set of tools working to provide safety of your computer. It goes beyond the list of features employed by regular anti spyware application. It goes further and acts in coordination with a browser informing users of suspicious websites and blocking trackers when their online activity is noticed.

Dr.Web CureIt!

Dr.Web CureIt! is an excellent anti spyware for Windows that does not require installation. The application is portable and can be helpful even when stored on a flash drive. Some customers find this feature very convenient. The software is free for users who use anti-spyware at home. When other version is needed, you will have to buy the software.


Spybot is a great alternative for users who want to have the absolute control over the scanning process. The software removes tracking cookies that collect your private info and everything that can compromise you in some way. The procedure is not complicated at all. It is enough just to make a single click to correct all vulnerabilities posing threat to your system.


If you need a scanner on demand, ComboFix is a good option. Anti spyware app is stored in the form of exe file that starts its work as you launch it.

Webroot SecureAnywhere Internet Security Plus

Webroot SecureAnywhere Internet Security Plus scans the system fast. This is a lightweight and efficient tool with simple password manager. It supports different OS and has a mobile version as well. However, PC optimization offered by its business rivals is more comprehensive. According to the tests performed by independent labs and multiple anti spyware reviews, the software effectively blocks malicious URLs.

Kaspersky Total Security

AntispywareWe can’t skip Kaspersky Total Security with lots of useful features. The product provides a comprehensive protection with each security aspect considered. It offers a cross-platform support for customers and can be used for Windows, Android and macOS. The software is packed with extras you may like. It presents a basic password manager, backup and parental control system. Kaspersky is equipped with webcam control for spyware protection. Its ‘Do Not Track’ feature will help to keep advertisers away. However, the software is rather expensive.

Eset Smart Security

Eset Smart Security is also rather costly as it offers the security suite with numerous features. Its anti-theft system is based on powerful comprehensive control of the system. Anti spyware reviews point out the efficacy of this software during malware protection test. Still Norton and Webroot SecureAnywhere Internet Security Plus demonstrated better results as anti spyware.

Zemana Antimalware

Zemana Antimalware delivers a real time protection detecting and removing infections from your computer. It will help to get rid of annoying tabs on computer that emerge due to malware. This anti spyware for Windows is known for its stable work. It creates a reliable defense system for your PC. The benefit is that it does not slow down computer’s performance. There is no system overload. The suspicious files are scanned with help of cloud service – Zemana Scan Cloud. There is also a version for mobile gadgets – Zemana Mobile Security for Android platform.

How to explain odd smartphone behavior

Odd behavior of your smartphone is a reason to find effective anti spyware for Android. The suspicious signs include increase of Internet traffic, fast draining battery, unexpected charges on bill, overheating of device and so on. It means that hidden app installed on your phone spies on you and performs some actions without your consent. You do not control the situation any longer. Spyware can control the phone camera, get access to the contact list, text messages and GPS tracker.

Antispy Android software

The best free anti spyware for Android-based devices include Anti Spy Mobile Free, Hidden Device Admin Detector, Privacy Scanner (Antispy) Free, Stop Spy: AntiSpy Checker, SMS/MMS Spy Detector and others. Some of the apps can be upgraded to more advanced paid versions.
Not all the tools mentioned above have a malware-hunting focus but they present many useful features that improve security of your mobile. If the tool specializes on phishing protection that does not mean that it is useless in other issues. After all, the goal of all these features crammed into the software product is protection of your identity and your security.

Anti-malware protection for iOS based device: is it necessary?

It is often told that iPhones and iPads are not as susceptible to viruses as Windows but it does not mean that owners of iOS devices are out of danger zone. Apple devices are just not as open for direct access in comparison with PCs, for instance. Still there are other concerns causing anxiety.

  • Protection for iOSThe most common type of spyware detected on iPhones is hidden spy app secretly installed after the device is jailbroken.
  • iPhone users also encounter problems with masque attacks, when existing app on the iPhone is replaced with its modified analogue with a spyware code, which collects private information and sends it to cyber criminals. This is why Apple corporation developed the patch to iOS 8.4 that easily solves this problem.
  • iCloud Backup Attack is one more type of intrusion that is also able to install the malicious code on the device.

Only technically savvy person is able to modify the configuration of the system remotely, but the number of such crimes increases. It is recommended to resort to best anti spyware for iPhone not to get into trouble.

It can be Avira Mobile Security or Mobile Security & Anti-Theft Protection for iPhone that offers an interesting combination of security features. Many people consider McAfee Mobile Security the best anti spyware for iPhone. This app protects photos and videos placing them in the Media Vault. The files are automatically encrypted and stored in it. The features offered within the frames of anti-theft protection are really incredible.

  • The stolen phone can be tracked on the map.
  • The device has an alarm that starts screaming even when the sound is off.
  • CaptureCam feature sends you the picture of the person who stole iPhone and tries to hack the Vault.

You can also try Trend Micro Mobile Security that is highly assessed by users. The software scans FB and Twitter settings to exclude privacy concerns. It also offers its own private surfing mode to protect your privacy. Using it you can be sure that your history is not recorded.


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