Best Antivirus for Business

Business AntivirusKeeping your corporate data safe and secure is crucial for your business, your reputation, and your personnel. You don’t want some unknown hacker to break the company you’ve been building for years, do you? That’s why consider getting the best antivirus for business.

Antivirus software is an excellent option for minor and medium-scale businesses without IT departments. Instead of hiring people to manage corporate cybersecurity, you can install a decent antivirus suite and enjoy protection against malware on a 24/7 basis. This is a way more cost-efficient solution: a program works around the clock and eliminates the risk of mistakes and errors.

Top Antivirus Software in 2018

$39.95 12 months
With 100% malware detection rate Kaspersky offers, you will always be on the safe side. This lightweght customizable solution has everything one may expect from a modern antimalware software.
Privacy Protection
Safe Money
Security for Kids
Password Manager
File Backup & Encryption
Our Rating
Users Rating
$24.95 12 months
Round-the-clock malware protection along with some extras like free VPN at a very cometitive price.
Remote 2-wall Firewall
Web Shield Extension
Safe Password Vaul
Parental control
Disk Cleaner
Our Rating
Users Rating
$39.99 12 months
One of the oldest products on the market that will provide you with a almost 100% level of protection against all the online threats.
Ad Blocker
Webcam Protection
Online Payments Protection
Parental Control
Data Encryption
Our Rating
Users Rating
$29.99 12 months
Norton Antivirus has a lot to offer in addition to high-profile protection, so every user may find some extra features one needs,
Backup Software
Password Manager
Online Storage
PC Optimizer
Parental Control
Our Rating
Users Rating
$29.95 12 months
Easy-to-us and affordable solution with high detection rates and some useful add-ons.
Vulnerability Scan
Game Booster
PC Tune Up
Identity Protection
Password Manager
Our Rating
Users Rating
$54.99 12 months
Advanced encryption used by this one of the most trusted antiviruses on the market ensures a solid level of protection
Spam Blocking
Optimization Tools
Parental Control
True Key Application
Encrypted Online Storage
Our Rating
Users Rating
$69.99 12 months
AVG offers a wide range of tools to satisfy both users who only need a basic layer of protection and those striving for ultimate security.
6 types of scans
Ransomware Protection
Enhanced Firewall
Webcam Protection
PC TuneUp
Our Rating
Users Rating
$59.99 12 months
One of the industry leaders, Avast offers robust protection from all types of malware along with numerous add-ons.
Strong firewall
Ransomware shield
OS tune-up app
Our Rating
Users Rating
$19.95 12 months
This new player on the market has solutions for all the major platforms and offers great deals for the new users.
Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS
Disk Cleaner
PC & Smartphone Optimization
Web Shield Extension
Safe Password Vault
Our Rating
Users Rating
$49.99 12 months
Intuitive and reliable solution for top-notch malware protection. It is also lightweight and has a lot of features to offer.
Online Banking Protection
Game Mode
File Shredder
Webcam Protection
File Encryption
Our Rating
Users Rating

Practice shows that small businesses are hackers’ primary target: according to statistics, 58% of hackers’ victims are small businesses. Ransomware damage costs are expected to rise to $11.5 bln by 2019. Next year, ransomware will affect some business every 14 seconds.

Reliable and high-quality antivirus software is a solution that can help both small businesses and large corporations to stay safe. Moreover, it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Investing some few hundreds in a solid business antivirus solution will help you prevent losing thousands of dollars and your reputation in case of malware attack.

Making an informed decision can be difficult, though. You should pay attention to the reviews and overall rating of the solutions, as well as the features provided. To ease the task for you, we’ve prepared Top-1o antivirus suites for corporate users. Here you can find the best antivirus for small business and companies of larger scale.

What to Look for in Business Antivirus Software?

When in search of business antivirus, you should consider several crucial points.

Core Protection

Every antivirus suite has some basic protection features. When it comes to business solutions, you need to pay particular attention to protection against malware in real time and the integrity of data stored on users’ devices. A strong firewall is a must while e-mail and SM protection would be a nice touch. You don’t want corporate data to be compromised, that’s why employees’ devices should be protected from data stealing.

Additional Security Features

Find the antivirus that’s suited to your company’s particular demands. For example, if your team does a lot of browsing, choose the antivirus with a useful browser plugin and VPN options. Those who deal with customers’ information should establish breach-proof protection of database.


Check independent tests results: the antivirus solutions that can detect less than 95% of threats aren’t worth consideration. Besides, software shouldn’t affect the speed of processing dramatically.

Data Protection

Platform Compatibility

The choice of antivirus should be based on compatibility with users’ devices. Ideally, you should select the software suite that’s available for both PCs (Windows, Mac, Linux) and mobile phones (iOS, Android). Make sure the software not only supports your OS, but is compatible with the OS version your device is running on.

Management Tools

Management tools help you keep the whole network under control and have access to all the connected devices from one PC or server. In this way, you can monitor license statuses, make updates and schedule scans to make sure all the devices are protected. Some software suits even allow for remotely erasing information from devices connected to the network, which comes in handy in case of theft.

Ease of Use

If you order business antivirus, most likely, it will replace the whole IT department. That means that average users will exploit the program without specific technical knowledge. Thus, antivirus software should be easy to install and intuitive in navigation.


Antivirus software can be quite expensive, especially for minor businesses. If you want to save, take a closer look at the software with an annual subscription for 2-3 years and free trials – this is the best way to save money.

Help & Support

No matter what antivirus suite you choose, it’s useless without decent customer support. Make sure that software provider is ready to help you 24/7, and several means of contact are supported (email, phone, live chat). Don’t hesitate to read reviews and find out how long it takes to receive answers from this or that company.

How did we make our list?

To compile our rating, we observed several aspects, including the list of security features, management instruments, customer support, pricing, etc. You will be able to get an insight into the pros and cons of every antivirus solution and decide which one is the most suitable for your business.

Kaspersky Endpoint Security: Unbeatable quality of scanning

Kaspersky for BusinessKaspersky antivirus software is one of the industry leaders, and its business solution offers all-round protection for small and medium businesses. The software guarantees the protection of PC and mobile devices, strict control of your software and browsers, and a rock-solid firewall that blocks unauthorized access to your files. The team keeps regularly updating the software to establish unbeatable protection against new viruses and ransomware, including zero-day threats.

Extra security features include:

  • Network attack protection;
  • Real-time background scanning;
  • Blocking of encryption attacks and stealing of admins’ data;
  • Creation of data backup copies.
  • Encryption by FIPS 140-2.standard.

Independent testers claim it prevents almost 100% of attacks and hacking attempts. Kaspersky is considered to be one of the safest antivirus platforms around: it protects devices without hurting the computation speed considerably.

There are versions for Windows, Mac and linux. Applications for iOS and Android devices are also available. Users can download upgrades and patches from Kaspersky official website to keep software up-to-date.

The software allows for management scaling: administrators can be assigned different level of access and distributed tasks. Device protection can be managed even without an Internet connection. The software protects settings integrity and prevents settings change by hackers.

Since Kaspersky offers several levels of access, the owner can specify the number of tools available for every user. Employees without technical knowledge can use essential functions, while tech-savvy administrators can perform scanning and other mission-critical tasks. Navigation isn’t complicated. 


  • The Select packageoffers a basic set of features. It is currently available at the price of slightly less than $200 if you choose the minimal number of nodes – 5. The maximum number of nodes for the Select tier is 50. The features available include antimalware protection of all the connected devices, server protection, application, web, and device control, remote mobile management, and cloud-assisted intelligence.
  • The Advanced packageoffers the same set of features plus encryption management, patch management, role-based access control, app control for servers, and a possibility of SIEM systems integration. It is currently available for less than $600 (a yearly package). The number of nodes can vary from 10 to 50.
  • The Total packagecan be purchased from any of the authorized Kaspersky partners. The price and the particular configuration of the solution are set individually. The set of features includes security for e-mail servers, web gateways, and collaboration.

No matter which package you choose, the free trial period is 30 days, which is quite generous for a premium antivirus solution.

Help & Support

Users of the Kaspersky Endpoint Security suite can take advantage of professional support via multiple channels in a 24/7 mode. As long as you have a valid license, you are eligible for toll-free phone support (9 a.m. – 8 p.m. on business days).

Other options include an on-site electronic ticket form and a live chat. On top of this, there are some premium paid support channels.

Finally, there is an opportunity to order the services of a personal technical assistant 24/7. All in all, a professional and helpful customer support service is a strong point of Kaspersky.

Avast Business Antivirus Pro: Simple in Use

Avast for BusinessThe software is available as different packages – all of them are more than enough for providing decent protection. This solution is perfect for real-time scanning, behavior monitoring, email scans, not to mention a robust firewall.

Additional Security Features include:

  • Behavioral Shield stops potentially harmful apps/programs from launching on your device; Web Shield does the same with websites. There’s also an Email Shield.
  • Sandboxis one of the company’s trademark features (but it’s not exclusive to Avast these days). It’s a safe place where you can test-run suspicious files without putting your device to danger.
  • The Wi-Fi inspector is great at discovering vulnerabilities in your connection. Browser Cleanup is a handy tool for deleting non-essential junk and speeding up your browser.
  • Software Defender(automatically update software on your device) and Data Shredder (permanent deletion of unwanted files) are also available with Antivirus Pro, but, as mentioned in the beginning, Browser Cleanup, Webcam Shield, the VPN, and Password Protector are only available with Pro Plus.

This software doesn’t overload user’s PC – it’s pretty light, and its presence won’t be noticed. The software is running on the background and only sends notifications when malware is detected, or the license is close to its end. However, the tests results show that it’s not the most robust antivirus around. 

Avast is available in the whole gamut of versions: for Mac, Windows Servers, and Even Win XP+.

It is quite easy in navigation but can be configured. You can manage access settings for administrators and assign roles.

Avast has a minimalistic interface that features all necessary buttons for navigation. It is ideal for both beginners and advanced users. The vast majority of reviews praise it for simplicity of use.


  • Avast Business is available for $40/year.
  • The Pro Edition will cost you $50/year.
  • Pro Plus, the ultimate solution with additional features (such as VPN), can be yours for $60/year. It can save you a lot of money because it has characteristics of other programs and software.

You can also enjoy a 30-day trial in the beginning – it’s one of Avast’s significant benefits.

Help & Support

Just like any other decent Antivirus, Avast offers a substantial knowledge base on the official website that will help you solve various problems. If not, there’s always the community that’s quick to share some useful tips and tricks.

To top it off, you can submit a ticket and wait for the customer support to answer you. Sadly, there’s no Live Chat, and that’s a big turn-off for most users. The good news is – you can leave not only your email, but also a phone number, and support usually doesn’t take long to answer.

Bitdefender Endpoint Security: The biggest scope of extra features

Bitdefender AntivirusThis is the best antivirus for small business that doesn’t need mobile device protection and other extras but requires an unbeatable level of security. The installation process is a bit tricky, but the dashboard is intuitive and user-friendly. One of the most significant disadvantages of Bitdefender is that it doesn’t track the lost/stolen devices, and the file shredder isn’t included.

Aside from the basic protection, BitDefender boasts the whole gamut of extras, including:

  • 2-way firewall;
  • Password Management;
  • Anti-Theft feature (available for Total Security package only);
  • VPN;
  • System Optimizer;
  • File Shredding.

It’s perfect for overall protection of devices: the software not only protects you against viruses but also optimizes the processes on your PC. The in-built system optimizer improves speed and reduces the risk of bugs.

It is complemented by a hardened browser, a password manager and a file shredder. Antivirus Plus also blocks critical files from being changed and quickly copies targeted files if it detects a ransomware attack.

According to tests, it detects 99% malware, which is a very competitive result. Bitdefender can have a minor impact on overall system performance, but it’s not critical. Fast scanning takes about 6-7 minutes – not a big deal.

Operating systems supporting Bitdefender products include Windows (versions from 7 to 10, XP and Vista aren’t supported since 2019), MAC OS, and Android devices. Linux and iOS are not supported, which is a serious disadvantage.

Bitdefender is among the most intuitive platforms on the market. Software management can be done on one screen – there are no complicated menus. Even if your employees are in the dark about antivirus software management, they won’t find navigation challenging.


There are three packages available:

  • Bitdefender Antivirus Plus – $40-$80/year
  • Bitdefender Internet Security – $60-$90/year
  • Bitdefender Total Security – $90-$100/year

Don’t miss the chance to benefit from 90-days trial! It’s a very generous offer.

Help & Support

Technical support can be reached 24/7 via email, online chat or telephone. You can also surf forums and FAQ, which includes how-to videos and answers to some essential questions.

Trend Micro’s OfficeScan: Efficient but impacts performance

Trend Micro’s OfficeScanThis solution is optimal from the standpoints of both usability and security. The provider offers a free trial, and if you like the solution, you can order the standard package for as low as $37.75/ year. What does this antivirus for business include?

  • Protection against ransomware;
  • Automatic monitoring, updates, and protection of computers;
  • Prevention of virus infection from USB and other portable storage devices;
  • Simple set up and updating;
  • Control of employee access;

If you need an advanced security level, opt for more expensive solutions. The premium packages additionally support:

  • Email security;
  • Zero maintenance requirements from your team (the OfficeScan team does it);
  • Real-time blocking of suspicious email attachments;
  • Blocking access to malicious websites.
  • Mobile device protection.

OfficeScan’s agents are compatible with Windows and Mac PCs, as well as Android and iPhones. There are no extensions for browsers, though.

Trend Micro’s OfficeScan is one of a few business antivirus software options that allow getting excellent scores in security tests. As for system performance impact, Trend Micro is one of the worst solutions ever: it can take a hit on your computer’s performance and slow things down.

Still, the antivirus is rather easy to use. The software’s half-screen interface windows are not resizable, but they can be moved around. When the window is green, it means that the computer is safe. When it’s yellow, you need to take action; when it’s red, the system has been compromised.

You can start a quick scan in one click from the main window, but starting a full or a custom scan adds another two clicks. Generally, navigation isn’t complicated, and you’ll quickly understand what is what.

More advanced features, such as data collection settings, should be managed by experienced users: to control them, you’ll need to dig deeper into settings.


There are three basic packages available:

  • Trend Micro Antivirus + Security – $40 (1 PC covered);
  • Trend Micro Internet Security – $ 80 (3 devices);
  • Trend Micro Premium Security – $90-100 (5-10 devices).

Unfortunately, there’s no unlimited package for a large company. Therefore, businesses have to purchase several packages, which can be quite costly.

Help & Support

Unfortunately, Trend Micro can process calls only from Monday to Friday from 2 a.m. to 5 p.m., Eastern Time. But there’s a good assortment of tips, FAQs, and videos online, and you can get to a support technician via the antivirus program interface.

For an extra $80 a year, you can get Trend Micro’s premium support services, which include 24-hour coverage, troubleshooting, and network help. It’s a considerable drawback considering that other companies provide 24/7 support entirely for free.

Panda Endpoint Protection Plus: Maximum Flexibility

Panda Endpoint Protection PlusThis is very flexible antivirus software for small business: Panda Endpoint provides a lot of useful options for companies and the whole gamut of features for security and data management. Customer support is available around the clock, and the live chat function is also included. The results of the test are close to perfect, although some users claim that the software can slow down the devices if you’re simultaneously running resource-hungry programs. The following basic features are included:

  • website blocking;
  • email and Internet protection;
  • anti-theft feature (locks or wipes a stolen device);
  • restriction of harmful USB connections;

There’s not so much difference between the primary and premium packages.

It should be noted that this software is excellent in detecting the most well-known attacks, but can ignore some of the latest viruses.

There are both cloud and on-premise solutions available with centralized management that provides easy control and detailed activity reports. It is compatible with Windows, Mac, and mobile devices on iOS and Android.

When it comes to performance, Panda’s software can slow down your computer considerably. The impact depends on the programs you’re running on your computer, so if the software uses a lot of temporary resources, you may notice the drag Panda’s software has on your PC.


A premium package Endpoint plus costs $84.58/year, while a standard package with pretty much the same features is worth $59.90/year per user. It is quite expensive in comparison with other antivirus suites that offer more all-round functionality for the same money. 

There’s a 30-day free trial available on the website.

Help & Support

If you don’t have your own IT department, rely on Panda customer support: it covers all the bases with the phone, email, live chat and an online knowledgebase – all available on a 24/7 basis.

ESET Endpoint Security: Professional but costly

ESET Endpoint SecurityEset antivirus for small business provides all security instruments you need, as well as tools for identifying and blocking malware, viruses, Trojans, and ransomware.

ESET uses the most advanced protection features:

  • Protection against targeted attacks;
  • Data breach prevention;
  • Fileless attacks prevention;
  • Multilayered defense;
  • Host-based Intrusion Prevention System (HIPS);
  • 2-way firewall;
  • Exploit Blocker;
  • Botnet protection.

ESET is a cross-platform solution that offers suites for different types of OS, including Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and Linux. It also ensures server security – there are separate packages for that.

Although ESET passes AV tests well, it’s not devoid of drawbacks. First, the process of installation and downloading takes much time. Secondly, the software can affect your computer’s performance, but this impact is minimal.

This platform cannot be called the simplest antivirus solution – an average user will need some time to figure out what is what.  However, as soon as the menu tabs are learned, users aren’t likely to face any challenges –scanning management is easy.


ESET Endpoint Security package price starts from $165/year including 5 devices. The cost depends on the number of covered devices and can be pretty high. 

Help & Support

Eset provides 24/7 customer support for all corporate clients. Assistants can be contacted via phone or email – they receive answers almost immediately.

McAfee Endpoint Security 10.5: Lightweight Cloud Solution

McAfee Endpoint SecurityBefore you consider this antivirus, please note that it works in the cloud only. The range of features is extensive, but McAfee requires a lot of resources. It offers anti-malware protection, data loss prevention, intrusion detection and prevention, and web and email security within a suite.

Since this is a cloud solution, McAfee Endpoint Security boasts a few Internet-related features:

  • encryption of files obtained from cloud storage platforms;
  • monitoring of browser and blocking of malicious websites;
  • firewall and traffic checking.

In AV tests, it shows the most excellent results: about 99.7% of threats are blocked. However, the solution itself isn’t enough for protection of devices – it should be complemented with additional McAfee products. Being a cloud platform, it doesn’t impact performance significantly.

McAfee Endpoint Security is very easy in use because it’s a ready cloud solution with a small range of available functions. But you’ll need an Internet connection to manage the suite.

This platform can boast an integrated online dashboard to manage all the devices connected to the network. You can get detailed reports and set policies right from the dashboard.

Linux, Mac OS, and Windows are fully supported, while mobile platforms aren’t covered.


The cost of the solution starts at $30.16 per user per year. Therefore, the price depends on the number of users and a set of functions required. There’s also a 60-days free trial available, which adds up to the list of its advantages.

Help & Support

The customer support is available around the clock, no matter how you decide to contact them – by phone, email, or in the live chat. If you have some simple questions, answers can be found in the online knowledge base.

Symantec Endpoint Protection: Wide functionality for a reasonable price

Symantec Endpoint ProtectionSymantec’s solution is praised by corporate users thanks to high functionality, although the number of features isn’t significant. This antivirus business package includes:

  • Several layers of protection (firewall, intrusion prevention, behavior control; ‘Power eraser’);
  • Remote data management and device control;
  • Different types of the security policy;
  • Proprietary insight file reputation technology that allows detecting and blocking even the newest threats.

Together with the basic set of functions, Symantec provides such extra features as:

  • Application-level control (available for Windows version only);
  • Prevention of network attacks;
  • Generic Exploit Mitigation;
  • Reputation analysis;
  • Integrity checking.

Since Symantec keeps monitoring all files, and it can slow down performance – some online reviews prove that it impacts the processing speed. However, this software can detect at least 96% of threats, which makes it worth considering.

While email protection is provided for Lotus Notes and Outlook only, the other features are available for Windows, Windows Server, Mac, Linux, and virtual environment.

Symantec boasts the whole range of management functions, such as centralized control and monitoring, security logs, report generation, and others. The platform is customizable and can be equally useful for small and large businesses. RES API for integration with other Symantec products allows for extending the functionality of the program.


A standard package can be ordered for 1-3 years: it supports up to 350 users, and its price starts from $40/year. Besides, there’s a free 60-days trial for corporate users. Symantec is an expensive business antivirus solution, but if your company is big enough, and you need high-end protection options, this software is worth the money.

Help & Support

Customers can contact Symantec assistants via phone or email. Although the email support is available 24/7, users don’t receive instant answers. Therefore, the client support leaves a lot to be desired.

F-Secure Antivirus SAFE: Deals with viruses that are here already  

F-Secure Anti-Virus has a rather unusual approach to malware protection because it doesn’t protect your PC from online malware but instead checks for threats that have already impacted your device. It is created to remove the malware that got to the user’s device. Therefore, this solution is suitable for detecting viruses that are already inside.

Extra features include:

  • Ransomware protection;
  • Password manager;
  • Banking protection;
  • Free VPN.

Generally, the set of functions is scarce, but additional products can extend it.

Still, F-Secure Anti-Virus exhibits really good results in independent tests. Besides, it doesn’t affect performance. The only downside is the fact that the software doesn’t protect you from visiting dangerous websites.

Some users claim that F-Secure Anti-Virus is not easy in use. The main menu has a lot of sections, and it takes time to understand the navigation.


F-Secure Anti-Virus cannot be called the cheapest solution: its price starts from $69/year for three supported devices. Protection of 5 devices will cost you $89.

Help & Support

F-Secure has a robust support system: it includes both DIY support and direct contact. There are boatloads of tutorials and FAQs together with a forum for product discussion and security news. If some questions are still left, you can contact F-Secure over the phone or live chat.

Webroot Secure Anywhere: Non-expensive solution with a bunch of features

Webroot Secure AnywhereGenerally, this antivirus does the same as its analogs: blocks suspicious URLs, detects and deletes exploit code, and monitors behavior to find threats. It addresses malware that’s already contaminated user’s computer and prevents the threats coming from your browser and USBs.

Webroot offers a few useful extra features:

  • Hosted storage to back up and sync files;
  • Detailed reports;
  • Cleaning of browsing history;
  • Secure erase;
  • Password managing.

The software has perfect scores in AV tests –it eliminates 99% of all threats. Besides, this business antivirus is light on system resources.

Webroot is available for Windows, Mac, and Android only. It doesn’t provide browser extensions.

Platform navigation is quite easy. Users are free to customize scanning settings, manage passwords and PC security, activate identity protection, and work with utilities. It’s more than enough for the comprehensive protection of the website.


The basic price is $30 per endpoint and will depend on the number of  PCs, Mac, tablets, etc you’d like to protect. Larger businesses can benefit from a discount. If you have, say, 100 employees, one endpoint protection will cost you around $25. There’s also a 30-days free trial.

Help & Support

When it comes to customer support in Webroot, users have several options. They can issue a ticket, find the answers to their questions in the knowledge base, or call in one of four centers. Webroot also promotes its community where users can help each other.

The bottom line

No matter how large or small your enterprise is, you can always find a software solution that is tailored to your requirements and budget. With our top 10 antiviruses for business, you can make an informed decision and buy a package that will make your digital infrastructure 100% safe and secure.


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