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There are millions of Android devices in the world and their amount grows every year. Hence, it’s not a surprise that this mobile platform became a target for malware of various kinds. Many users ask themselves “Do I need antivirus for Android?”. The answer is “Yes” in 99.9% of cases because inbuilt security tools in mobile devices aren’t able to block all the threats. Therefore, instead of relying on default programs, find the best Antivirus for Android and sleep soundly knowing that your information is secure.

So, what is the best antivirus for Android and how effective it is? Let’s make a quick review of 10 apps for ultimate protection of your device from different types of threats.

Avast Mobile Security

This brand has a huge experience in the sphere of anti-malware protection. Its antivirus for Android is free to use in its basic version (with ads) and has a decent performance level. The tests show that it’s able to detect and block about 99.8% of threats, which is a very promising result.

The app has all rights to be called the best antivirus for Android phone due to the wide range of useful free features. Their list includes:

  • firewall for devices with root access,
  • call blocker to create a blacklist of contacts
  • an anti-theft tool that allows you to lock the phone and clean data on it, in case the smartphone was stolen.

Besides, it controls the level of permissions every app has on your device.

All the mentioned features are enough to say Avast Mobile Security is a leading antivirus platform. If they’re not enough for you, you can go premium to receive app-locker, advanced anti-theft and direct support.

McAfee Mobile Security

Android devicesIt’s one more security product from a big market player. What makes McAfee Mobile Security the best antivirus for Android tablet or smartphone? First of all, it’s a high level of malware detection and a decent amount of helpful features. Using this app you’ll be able to block bad contacts, scan separate programs and then lock them when it’s required, protect your data in case your device is stolen. McAfee Mobile Security will also protect you from dangerous websites.

The program has premium version, too. It includes additional support for your smartphone and allows using all the tools without seeing ads.

Bitdefender Antivirus Free

If you’re in search of the best antivirus for Android, this app will be a perfect choice. This is a super-lightweight program, which has no harmful effect on OS performance. The installation process is very fast and no further setting customization is required. The program scans all the new apps, but there is no background protection. It has both pros and cons. The advantage is that your device always runs fast and the main disadvantage is that you have to launch the scan on your own from time to time.

In case you think it’s not enough for the best antivirus for Android 2017, you can try Bitdefender Mobile Security. It’s a paid app, but there is 2-week trial period. This tool will provide you with anti-theft instruments and anti-malware protection of Google Chrome in real time.

Norton Security Antivirus

It’s another program with potential to be the best antivirus app for Android. Its scanner is able to detect malware in your files and apps and then clean the device automatically. Norton’s product shows 100% rate of detection. One more feature you should know about is anti-theft inbuilt tool. It can lock the smartphone using remote access when necessary. Again, if you require more instruments to protect your Android tablet or phone, Norton Mobile Security may become the best antivirus for Android in this case. It includes extra useful functions, such as blocking of dangerous websites.

Antiy AVL

What makes Antiy AVL the best antivirus for Android phone? First, it has a very accurate detecting tool which won’t miss any dangerous code that might have a harmful effect on your phone. The second reason is that AVL features a handful of great features. Their list includes anti-phishing instruments and a very effective call blocker. At last, this antivirus for Android won’t lower the system performance, cause it’s lightweight and doesn’t require much resources.

Kaspersky Mobile antivirus

Antivirus for AndroidIt’s the program from one more “big fish” of the market, which also aims to be called the best antivirus for Android phone. The app will offer you almost 100% malware detection rate and online web protection that saves your device from potentially harmful websites. As for some more interesting features, this antivirus for Android supports Android Wear, which widens the area of protection. There is also an advanced version of the program, but you’ll have to pay for it. It offers such tools as anti-phishing, automatic scanning and the calls filter.

AhnLab V3 Mobile Security

This program is often said to be the best antivirus app for Android due to many helpful features and high performance level. The tests show it has a power to detect and remove about 99,6% of threats, which is a great result.

Talking about mentioned features, AhnLab V3 Mobile Security has anti-theft instruments with a special inbuilt alarm, web cleaner for your browsing history and a secure gallery to store important images which cannot be seen by anyone else.

The program has every right to be called the best antivirus for Android. Add a special inbuilt performance booster and proactive anti-malware protection to it and you’ll get one of the most promising security tools for your device.

Avira Antivirus security

This is not a very famous brand, but its product should be mentioned as the best antivirus for Android tablet or smartphone. It’s a rather lightweight app that allows you to scan not only device inner memory, but also the SD card. Another free feature is anti-theft protection. If it’s not enough for you, you can pay for the whole range of available functions, including blacklisting, instruments to protect camera, higher browsing security etc. All of that will definitely make Avira the best antivirus app for Android for many users.

Sophos Free Antivirus&Security

This powerful anti-malware tool has many things to mention about, but the absolute absence of ads is something that proves it is the best antivirus for Android phone, if we compare it with many other free programs.

Sophos is able to scan apps in order to protect your personal info. It also protects your browsing from dangerous websites. As for scanning, you can set the schedule for it to be sure the device is checked regularly.

The best free antivirus for Android mobile should definitely have some unique features and Sophos has much to offer. For instance, the app offers a special scanner of QR codes to establish protected Wi-Fi connection.

Security Master

If you’re trying to find out what is the best antivirus for Android, Security Master is the program you should definitely take into consideration. It’s a decent protection tool for your device which has a strong malware detector, call blocker, instruments for Wi-Fi and message security, and the lock of dangerous apps. Inbuilt device booster and cleaner are also included.

At last, Security Master allows you to browse safely using the app. All this makes the program perfect software for online communication, website surfing, establishing of Wi-Fi connection and file downloading.

With this Top-1o you’ll figure out a solution tailored to your budget and type of Android device. How to make the final decision? Analyze your own requirements. If you need basic level of security, a free solution from Avast, Norton or Kaspersky is a way to go. Use your smartphone or tablet for business and corporate communication? Then you need extra layers of protection to keep mission-critical data safe. Opt for Bitdefender Mobile Security, or a premium package from McAfee. Remember that we get what we pay for, and sometimes even $5/month investment can make a night-and-day difference in the level of security you get.

What doesn’t play much role is the type of your device and version of Android – most providers offer antivirus suits tailored to different releases of OS, and some solutions are simply versatile. If you haven’t found a necessary feature in the list, don’t hesitate to contact the provider: sometimes extra instruments and tools are simply not mentioned by provided by default.


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