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Over recent years, many aspects of our life, including business, entertainments, and communication, have shifted to the Internet. Unfortunately, despite all its advantages, the world web is not a safe place. Along with the rapid development of online business, online banking, gaming and so on, the number of all types of scammers is growing at an exponential rate. The easiest way of making harm to users is via malware. That is why in the modern circumstances, strong malware protection is a must. However, antivirus software, which is built in the operating system, not always copes with all sorts of modern malware. Read on to know how to choose the best malware protection.

Viruses vs Malware: Is There Any Difference?

Probably, every PC user has heard the words “computer viruses” and “antivirus”, while the term “malware” is relatively new. But is there really any difference between a virus and malware? Let’s try to find out.

At the dawn of the digital era, there was only one type of cyber threats, which was called a virus because of its principle of working. Like a human virus, it was transmitted from one user to another, self-reproduced, and infected new and new computers. As of today, viruses still exist, but they have become quite rare, while new advance threats are created every day. All these threats have a generic name – malware. There are many kinds of malware, and viruses are one of them. Other malware types include:

  • worms;
  • Trojans;
  • rootkits;
  • spyware;
  • adware;
  • ransomware;
  • PUP or potentially unwanted programs;
  • exploits.

As you see, the term “malware” is much broader than the word “virus”. Usually, anti-malware tools protect from viruses. But not all antivirus products protect from all types of malware. Moreover, virus and malware protection tools are often referred to as “antiviruses”, as this term is more familiar to customers. How not to get confused and install the right software? The most correct method is to read the product’s specifications and expert review before downloading it.

How to Choose the Best Malware Protection Tool

Best malware protectionAll other things being equal, the best anti malware service is the one that is capable of detecting and destroying as many types of malware as possible. Some modern hacker tools are extremely difficult to detect and almost impossible to get rid of. Even the best anti malware software can’t neutralize 100% of threats, as new sophisticated forms of malicious software are invented every day. But there are very effective products that demonstrate the results close to 100%. These results are recorded in the reports of independent labs that have a great experience in testing virus and malware protection tools. The reports and rankings are usually available on the sites of such labs as AV-TEST or AV-Comparatives. Top-rated malware protection services are capable of detecting up to 100% of known malware as well as most zero-day threats, including exploits and ransomware.

Best Malware Protection for Windows 10

Though the default protection level of Microsoft Windows has improved greatly over the recent years, the system is still vulnerable to various types of malware. That is why users of Windows-running PCs often choose to install third-party software to provide another layer of protection. There is no single answer to the question of what the best malware protection for windows 10 is. The fact is that different users have different requirements to security, different preferences, and, finally, different computers. But there are at least several providers of anti-malware products that are recommended by most experts as reliable, effective and easy to use tools. Here are just 3 examples.

  • Malwarebytes is a powerful and flexible malware protection service that has both a free and a paid version. Not only does it protect from various malware types, including the most advanced ransomware and exploits, but is also compatible with most existing antivirus programs.
  • Norton is a well-established and trusted brand. Its Power Eraser version protects from both viruses and most types of malware. Experts recommend it as an almost 100% effective solution.
  • Avast is a great free antivirus product, which can detect some kinds of malware as well. The premium version has a lot of extra features.

For more details, read comprehensive expert reviews and choose the anti-malware software that suits your needs best.

The Best Mac Malware Protection

In general, Mac OS is more resistant to all types of digital threats than other operating systems. Its default built-in protection is powerful enough, so some regular users can do without third-party anti-malware. However, for the strongest virus and malware protection, it’s recommended to use special tools. After all, it is much cheaper and easier to prevent a potential attack than to get rid of an infection. Some types of malware are impossible to eliminate without a disk formatting. The best Mac malware protection tools are the ones that don’t have a noticeable impact on the system, while being effective in terms of malware detection. The examples of recommended Mac anti-malware providers include both free (Avast, AVG), medium-priced (Bitdefender), and premium (Norton, Kaspersky) ones. Detailed information about each of them as well as test results can be found in their full reviews.

The Best Android Malware Protection Software

As of today, malware protection for Android is not a whim, but a must, because, despite its flexibility and functionality, this OS is still one of the most vulnerable ones. There are thousands of Malware conceptrecorded cases when devices were infected via apps downloaded from Google Play. Needless to say, most third-party apps are potentially dangerous, and a robust Android malware protection is absolutely necessary. A lot of providers offer software for the malware protection for Android. But it’s important to choose the most reliable ones in order to get the highest security. The list of the best Android malware protection apps is rather large, as Android is a flexible OS that is compatible with numerous third-party solutions. Here are examples of trusted Android malware protection tools that are recommended by specialists.

  • Bitdefender is a powerful low-budget solution that provides a decent level of mobile security and offers a full range of anti-theft features for Android devices. There is a free version too, but it makes sense to opt for the paid option, which is unbelievably affordable – just S15 per year.
  • Norton Mobile security is, perhaps, the best Android malware protection According to lab tests, it effectively detects and blocks almost 100% of potential threats. By the way, it has a very strong free option with a decent feature set.
  • Avast is another award-winning free product. Its strong point is an array of extra features for the maximum security and privacy, including a VPN option.

Of course, there are much more anti-malware solutions available. Thus, you may want to try such mobile security apps as McAfee, Kaspersky Mobile, as well as less known Sophos and Trend Micro.

How We Rank Anti-Malware Products

When making rankings of the best malware protection services, we rely on three basic criteria: results of lab tests, a range of features and an impact on the system. Apps that don’t slow down the system, while scoring high in tests and offering multiple features, rank higher. Also, there are some additional criteria, such as usability, interface, adjustability, and, of course, price. Finally, reviews of real users and expert opinions are taken into account as well. All the products that we recommend are offered by reputable and trusted providers that have some weight in the market.

Apart from the theoretical research, we conduct a real-life testing of the chosen software to measure some key parameters, such as the speed of scanning, the load on the system, and the effectiveness in detecting various forms of malware. For detailed information, read full reviews of top anti-malware products of the year.

The Bottom Line

In the modern circumstances, you don’t need antivirus and anti-malware only in one case: if you never connect your PC to the Internet and never use external drives, including USB drives. The same is about smartphones: if the Internet access is switched off and no apps are installed, you can do without security software. Otherwise, the best malware protection is a must.

With a great number of anti-malware products available, choosing the best one can grow into a real challenge. But don’t panic, as there are ways to try the software for free before buying it.

  1. Take advantage of the free trial period, which sometimes can reach 30 days.
  2. Use a free version first – many providers offer both free and premium products. If you like it, you can upgrade to the premium version with the expanded feature set at any moment.

No matter how intensively you use the world web and what particular actions you take when being online. Your security is a crucial thing. Actually, it is better to think about protection now than regret about your carelessness when it’s too late.


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