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Antivirus-review.com is a non-profit organization, and our priority is our users. We don’t charge them in any way, but we have some profit from the affiliate programs we take part in – we earn commissions. It doesn’t influence the prices of the products we review, as well as the marks we give to them. This commission helps us to keep servers and websites operating and pay something to our writers.

We are here to assist in all aspects, considering online security for home and business users. So, we work to ensure our visitors get all the necessary knowledge about the antivirus software represented in the market.

Important! We don’t write “sponsored reviews.” All information on the website is personal experience and opinion of our team. The authors do not guarantee that, when using the methods and recommendations described, the result will be similar to that set out in the articles. The writers are not responsible if the actions described in the articles lead to any undesirable results, but are ready to help if this happens.

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