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$29.99 12 months
With 100% malware detection rate Kaspersky offers, you will always be on the safe side. This lightweight customizable solution has everything one may expect from a modern antimalware software.
Privacy Protection
Safe Money
Security for Kids
Password Manager
File Backup & Encryption
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$69.99 12 months
One of the industry leaders, Avast offers robust protection from all types of malware along with numerous add-ons.
Strong firewall
Ransomware shield
OS tune-up app
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$29.99 12 months
Intuitive and reliable solution for top-notch malware protection. It is also lightweight and has a lot of features to offer.
Online Banking Protection
Game Mode
File Shredder
Webcam Protection
File Encryption
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Would you agree to walk in the forest full of venomous spiders, snakes, mosquitoes, and mites without a protection suit? There is every reason to believe you wouldn’t just because it is dangerous. Browsing the web without an Internet security suite is equally dangerous, although instead of real snakes and spiders you are attacked by digital “worms” and viruses.

Modern malware can damage, block, or completely destroy the information stored on your PC in a moment, and it will take many days to restore the lost files and heal the infected software. Sometimes, viruses affect the entire system, and the only way to get rid of them is to format the disk and reinstall the system. Fortunately, you can avoid the majority of problems by installing one of the best Internet security suites.

What is Internet Security Software?

Internet security software is a product that ensures the security of all types of data routed via the Web. In particular, we are talking about the data entered in various web-forms, authentication and identification data, logins and passwords, the browsing history, and so on. This software comes in the form of apps or clients that need to be installed on the device.

A distinctive feature of modern Internet security software is its compatibility with a wide range of platforms. Thus, the vast majority of existing products can run on Windows, Android, MacOS, and iOS. Some of them offer solutions for LinuxOS.

Internet security features

Extra Features of Internet Security Suites for Ultimate Protection

Each antivirus software vendor adds various tools and features to its packages. The most common extras that one can get with the best Internet security software include the following ones.

  1. Remote control and network scanning. It’s convenient for those using multiple devices united into one network. For example, you may launch and stop scanning of a smartphone remotely, via an app on your desktop computer. With this feature it easy to control the current state of protection on all the devices connected.
  2. A web-browser for secure Internet surfing. Some providers supply their proprietary safe browser with the Incognito mode turned on by default, a safe banking feature, and a built-in VPN. Though not all the users will appreciate it, for some people, it can be nice to have a dedicated browser for performing certain actions.
  3. A system cleaner and/or optimizer. It helps to accelerate the speed of PC, optimize the system, clean up the register, and even detect and delete spyware. If you don’t want to install a dedicated cleaner, a complex Internet security suite can become a solution.
  4. A password manager. As the name implies, it manages user logins and passwords. You don’t need to keep numerous passwords in your memory anymore. The system will automatically fill the form every time you visit a credible site. Also, it helps to generate reliable passwords.
  5. A firewall. Free antivirus apps usually lack this feature while many top Internet security suites include a firewall option.
  6. An anti-theft feature. It is useful for both laptops and smartphones owners. If the device is lost or stolen, the feature can help to track its location.
  7. Cloud storage. Having backup copies of all your valuable files safely stored in the cloud will let you not to worry about losing them if your device stops operating properly.
  8. Parental control. If you wish to restrict your kids’ access to some content, you’ll find this feature really helpful. Some suits allow in addition to detect the kid’s location, limit their screen time and block calls coming from unknown IDs.
  9. Webcam protection. This feature is designed to block unauthorized access to your webcam and protect your privacy.
  10. VPN. This useful tool will protect your privacy when surfing the web and let you access blocked content.

Best Internet Security Suits in 2021

Internet security solutions are offered by many vendors, but not all of them are equally great. We’ve selected the best current offers, using a comprehensive approach. In particular, we considered the range of features offered by the provider, compatibility of the software with various platforms, and, of course, price. Keep on reading for more information about the best Internet security suits in 2021.

Kaspersky Total Security

Kaspersky Internet Security.

Kaspersky is a big name in the world of cybersecurity. Its Total Security suite is a complex solution aimed at the prevention, detecting, and elimination of the widest range of cyber threats without a noticeable impact on the system. It also offers enough flexibility: you may buy a license for 5 or 10 devices and choose the term of subscription – from 1 to 3 years (more details Kaspersky review).

The main task of any security software is ensuring protection from various forms of malware. Kaspersky does this job at the highest level, which is proved by numerous independent tests. Its detection rate is close to 100% for both existing and zero-day threats. It effectively fights with viruses, Trojans, rootkits, spyware, adware, and sophisticated ransomware.

When it comes to features, the Total Security suite offers a wide spectrum of useful tools, such as a VPN client, online banking and shopping protection, top-notch parental control, password managers, and files protection.

We’d like to separately mention the fact that the software is perfectly compatible with Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS platforms. It gives an opportunity to adjust the product according to your own needs by choosing the number of devices you are going to use it on.

Pricing: from $39.99 (3 devices, 1 year) to $224.99 (10 devices, 3 years.)

Bitdefender Total Security

Bitdefender Antivirus

Bitdefender traditionally ranks high among antivirus software providers. But its Total Security suite is more than just antivirus. It is an integrated cross-platform security solution. Though it is specially optimized for Windows, it is also perfectly compatible with Mac and Android. Its capabilities for iOS are limited, but it’s not impossible to use on iPhone as well.

The software itself is fast and lag-free. It doesn’t slow down the system; moreover, it has a dedicated one-click system optimizer for Windows that helps to boost performance. Bitdefender uses a strong antivirus engine that effectively deals with a wide range of malware: viruses, worms, Trojans, spyware, adware, etc. On top of this, it offers proprietary multi-layered ransomware protection.

As for extra features, Bitdefender Total Security comes with an integrated VPN client with 200 Mb of free daily traffic, a password manager, an anti-phishing feature, a file shredder, and some exclusive options that are unavailable to the users of lower tiers. They include webcam protection, firewall, parental control, and an anti-theft feature.

Pricing: $35.99 (5 devices, one year)

Avast Premium Security

Avast Antivirus

Avast is another major player in the field of cybersecurity protection. It is better known for its free products; right now, we offer you to have a closer looks at its Premium suite. Its system requirements are quite basic, but the overall impact on the system is slightly more noticeable if compared to Kaspersky and Bitdefender. And still, it’s a decent option with powerful capabilities.

Avast provides top-notch protection of virtually all types of malware, including ransomware, which is especially hard to detect. It effectively fights with zero-day cyber threats and shows consistently high results in lab tests. As for the Avast Premium, it has some really nice features that make it a flexible and attractive option.

The latest edition of AvastPremium includes an anti-phishing option, a built-in app scanner, a firewall, and an e-mail scanner. Also, it offers stronger ransomware protection by adding one more security layer. Avast software is incredibly easy to use. Yes, it can slow down the system a little; to improve performance, you may switch off unnecessary options or use the game mode (where the app runs in the background mode.)

• $69.99 – 1 device, 1 year;
• $89.99 –  multi device, 1 years.

AVG Ultimate

AVG Antivirus

AVG is a trusted brand, which is well-known for its top-rated antivirus software. It offers cross-platform solutions for comprehensive malware protection. AVG apps are lightweight and easy to use, and their impact on the system performance is quite moderate. AVG Ultimate is the premium tier offered by the provider (check also our AVG review).

First and foremost, any AVG suite offers excellent protection from malware and viruses. It scans the system in real time for new threats and eliminates them before they cause any harm to you. AVG is effective against zero-day threats and sophisticated forms of malware, such as ransomware and spyware.

When it comes to extra features of AVG Ultimate, we’d like to mention a firewall, webcam protection, e-mail scanning, anti-phishing, and improved ransomware protection. But you also get live 24/7 support and automatic real-time updates. Also, dedicated Mac and Android apps are included.

Pricing: $119.99, 10 devices, 1 year.

Norton 360 Deluxe

Norton Antivirus.

Norton is a globally recognized provider of high-grade security products. It is a bit pricier than most counterparts, but it has some unique features that still make it a desired option. Before buying this software make sure your PC is powerful enough. While being exceptionally effective, Norton products are resource-demanding.

The first unique feature is 100% lifetime guarantee of virus protection. Norton guarantees the users that they are 100% protected from viruses and malware for as long as they use its antivirus. If you happen to get infected, you’ll be refunded at any moment. Bet this exclusive offer is included in premium packs only.

Apart from the marvelous virus protection, Norton 360 Deluxe offers a range of features. They include full-fledged parental control, a possibility of managing protection directly from the website, automatic files backup, and 50 Gb of cloud storage. Moreover, one subscription covers up to 5 devices and 4 popular platforms – Windows, Android, Mac, and iOS.

Pricing: $99.99 – 5 devices, 1 year ($49.99 for the first year).

Internet Security Suites: Free Alternative

Best Internet Security

Internet security suites are not made equal. All of them provide basic protection, but the range of extra features varies much from one pack to another. Though many of these features are available in other apps (and even for free), it makes little sense to pack your PC with dozens of apps. Firstly, they often conflict with each other. Secondly, multiple programs slow down the system severely and negatively impact the performance.

Fortunately, there is a better approach. Many software providers offer complex solutions by integrating a range of useful features in one pack. These premium packs have a minimal impact on the system while users can easily manage all the features from a single console. Also, an integrated premium pack is always cheaper than numerous separate applications.

It’s for you to decide whether to install numerous apps on your PC or purchase an all-in-one suite. The first approach (probably) will help you to save some money (not much, really). The second one will ensure the ultimate protection from all types of online threats without overloading the system on all your devices, including mobile phones and tablets.

Final Thoughts

The importance of Internet security can hardly be overestimated. It is an integral part of life for every active Internet user. That said, online security is a complex term that includes much more than just antivirus protection. Having a good antivirus is crucial, but it is not enough.

To feel absolutely safe and secure you must think about online privacy and install a reliable VPN client. To protect yourself from hacker attacks you need a firewall. To prevent tracking, you should think about webcam protection. Finally, to protect your kids from all sorts of dangerous and harmful content, you want to have a parental control feature.

Of course, you can install several dedicated apps on your PC to cover all your security needs. However, there is a smarter and simpler approach. By getting a single product that integrates all security-related features in one app, you’ll be able to manage your online protection from a single console without the need for running numerous programs. Modern Internet security suits from top-rated providers have a minimal impact on the system, and their capabilities are really impressive.


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