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With 100% malware detection rate Kaspersky offers, you will always be on the safe side. This lightweight customizable solution has everything one may expect from a modern antimalware software.
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Norton Antivirus has a lot to offer in addition to high-profile protection, so every user may find some extra features one needs,
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$39.99 12 months
One of the oldest products on the market that will provide you with a almost 100% level of protection against all the online threats.
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Age of information brought new challenges and threats for us. We have to combat computer viruses, worms, malware, spyware etc. to protect our privacy while the attackers resort to versatile hacks trying to expose sensitive information or infect the system. It is considered that iPhones can’t be hacked, but this is a myth. iPhone along with other iOS devices are less vulnerable to malware attacks in comparison with Windows and other operating systems. However, owners of Apple-based gadgets may encounter more sophisticated techniques used to attack the computer systems. They need the best antivirus for iPhone to solve the problem as such mistake can cost much.

Antivirus for iPhoneCustomers have to deal with online trackers, infected websites, which compromise the security of computers, mobile devices and many other risks. Those who need to avoid the threat should look for special tools that protect the operating system of iPhone. Find the best antivirus for iPhone to feel secure and forget about all worries. A big selection of products developed by highly professional experts is at your disposal so we can use their powerful features to remain safe. We just need to select the best antivirus app for iPhone as such mistake can cost us much.
There are a lot of questions we should answer before choosing the right product. Should we rely on free tools? Is the best free antivirus for iPhone able to protect the phone completely? Some of the apps presented online claim to be the best antivirus for iPhone, but do they really deserve our attention? What defines the best antivirus product? Let us regard different options to make conclusion on the subject.

Avast SecureMe

Some experts recommend using Avast SecureMe app that can be downloaded for free. Those who want to get more thorough protection, should acquire pro-version. Download the app on the official site of the developer. The company itself calls the product “most trusted security in the world” as it is able to hide everything you have from hackers. Many users agree with it and call it the best antivirus app for iPhone.

The devices can be especially vulnerable when they are connected to Wi-Fi or WLAN. Wi-Fi network is not always safe but we do not have necessary tools to determine that. Avast SecureMe is like a guardian that keeps iPhone safe, notifying the owner about the threat. The users prefer it because it is lightweight and does not consume much. The app employs encrypted data for safety of personal data, passwords and browser history.

McAfee Security

If you need the best antivirus for iPhone 6 or other versions, you can try McAfee Security made by the company that specializes on security software. Highly experienced specialists developed the app, which keeps video and photo material locked until pin is entered. It also makes contacts backup to be able to restore it later on other device or delete them (the feature works at a distance as well). The best antivirus app for iPhone is able to locate the gadget you can’t find. The alarm signal helps you to find it when sound is off. One of the special features liked by users is a capability to make the picture of the person holding the phone – the best solution if the device was stolen. In this way it provides comprehensive protection of the gadget. This software is worth regarding if you need the best antivirus for iPhone.

Norton mobile security

The list of the best security apps will not be full without Norton mobile security that is also distributed for free. It is a good candidate to be called the best antivirus for iPhone 7 or higher. Norton has developed many software security programs already, which became hits. When the mobile systems gained popularity, the company moved to this sector and succeeded there as well. Customers can download the antivirus from iTunes app store. The app also provides remote features such as an alarm feature named ‘scream’, moving contacts from one iPhone to another, backup and recovery. Call to your device from the internet if you’ve lost it.

Protection by Byte Labs

iPhone protectionByte Labs also tried to develop the best antivirus for iPhone 6+ and created Protection for iPhone. The app is partially free. Some features should be purchased if you buy a monthly subscription only. When paid term comes to an end, the user can renew the subscription and enable paid functions again. It sends alerts to the owner warning about malicious sites, provides the report with the list of such resources and blocks them. It also blocks online trackers.

Lookout Mobile Security

Try Lookout Mobile Security that is absolutely free. It has good chances to become the best antivirus for iPhone 6 and higher. It also offers some premium features for additional fee. Many features it offers are similar to the features of other software apps with some exceptions. This app informs the user of the last place where the device worked before it died. It is an excellent tool to stay protected from cyber-attacks.


MobiShield is a paid tool but its pricetag is low. Taking into account some features that deserve to be included to your security arsenal, this is a very reliable assistant. The app is justly considered the best antivirus for iPhone 7+ by some users. It can get updates, make backups of contacts and recover them. The software controls the battery life and the volume of storage. It also gets updates and scans the network when the phone is connected to it.

VirusDetector Pro

It can be challenging to check all data you get online. Best antivirus for iPhone 7+ should monitor incoming information in all formats for you. VirusDetector Pro scans GoogleDocs and Dropbox files and delivers the verdict keeping you protected from infected stuff. It also does not let you distribute infected files.

iOS-based devices do not require protection in a traditional sense of the word, but still need protective support given by the best antivirus for iPhone. These antivirus programs block suspicious and insecure connections without delay.


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