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Norton Antivirus has a lot to offer in addition to high-profile protection, so every user may find some extra features one needs,
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  • Full-featured protection
  • One of the most user-friendly and intuitive options on the market
  • Norton Antivirus offers great value for money
  • The 60-day MBG (money-back guarantee) is a nice touch
  • Protection for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS devices
  • Doesn’t need much processing power to run in the background
  • Various Norton Security packages to choose from


Symantec has been around since 1982 (that’s more than 35 years), and is known for its exceptional Norton Antivirus products. As one of the biggest and most influential companies in the business, they always deliver impressive quality. In our Norton Antivirus review, we’ll talk about the available packages, check out the test results, and talk about customer support.

If you’re looking for an intuitive antivirus with some of the best protection algorithms and versatile parental controls, this might just be what you need. The company created a flexible line-up, allowing users to choose between various packages.

Basic Norton Security tier is good; yet, it’s not perfect. If you need more advanced features and/or protection for more than one PC/Mac/mobile device, take a look at the more expensive tiers. The prices are very competitive, and for the average users, that is the biggest selling point. Add a generous 60-day MBG, and you’ll get an amazing offer from one of the world’s most respected providers.

Detection rates, speed, and ease of use have always been Symantec’s strongest suits. Norton Antivirus is fast, reliable, consumer-friendly, and easy to install.

Best For

  • The average user looking for an all-around solid antivirus.
  • Parents that put the safety and privacy of their families first.
  • Users in the market for industry-leading malware/virus protection.

The List Of Pros And Cons

Despite the fact that some Norton Antivirus reviews claim the extra features aren’t really that great, the high-end tiers come with some useful additions. Furthermore, with the latest edition, the company managed to dramatically reduce the CPU load, which means the users won’t even notice it running. Let us take a look at the list of pros and cons to learn more about Norton Antivirus.

  • Easy to download, install, and use.
  • With Norton Security Premium, you’ll get protection for 10 devices.
  • Parental control features are industry-leading.
  • Norton Antivirus for Mac is just as powerful as the Windows version.
  • Android/iOS packages are cheap and robust.
  • Configuration options will make the tweaking enthusiasts love this antivirus even more.
  • Almost no impact on the system’s performance.
  • Scans can be slow at times.
  • Security extras aren’t that great.
  • The 2nd-year prices are very steep.

Reliability And Security

Norton websiteRegardless of the package you choose, Norton Antivirus will protect your device from spyware, ransomware, and even phishing emails.

Important note: all the Norton products come with the exact same engine that scans and terminates any malware it finds. In real-world tests (they are considered to be the hardest ones), the unique Symantec engine performs on par with the leaders, including Kaspersky and Bitdefender.

In the AV-Test zero-day and widespread malware tests, Norton Security earned the highest score. As for the so-called “false flags”, only two were raised, which, again, is a great result.

AV-Comparatives, another internationally respected and recognized testing company, also gave these products top-class ratings. They successfully caught and eradicated 99.8% of real-world threats.

Experts praise the company for delivering such solid results while keeping the strain on the device to a minimum. Built-in firewall (available with the standard package) does a great job of keeping malware at bay. Norton Safe Web is a friendly service that allows you to check whether a certain website is safe or not. Sadly, you won’t find tools like a browser for online banking/shopping or a file shredder.

Ease Of Use

We already mentioned that Norton software is very easy to use, user-friendly, and intuitive. It will take you one quick look at the dashboard to learn about the possible security flaws of the system. Everything is very cleverly laid out, and you can access various menus in the blink of an eye. Scans – both quick and full – are one click away.

To download Norton Antivirus, just go to the official website, choose a package you like, pay for it, and click the “download” button. Yes, it’s that simple. Installation only takes a couple of minutes. And what about the parental controls? They are the company’s pride and joy. With Norton, you can rest assured that your kids will be protected on the Internet.

 If you’re using a Windows OS and want a tiny-yet-capable tool for detecting and deleting the most well-hidden malware, make sure to download Norton Power Eraser. It is 100% free and performs quite well. Keep in mind, however, that it is somewhat aggressive. Always check the files you are about to remove with this tool because sometimes, it can be a bit too radical. 

Package Features – What Does Norton Antivirus Have To Offer?

  1. Norton Scanning ScreenshotNorton Security (NS) Basic. For 30 dollars, the company offers 12 months of protection for 1 PC running on a Windows OS. With this package, you get the same protection algorithms as with the more expensive plans.
  2. NS Standard. This package is the most popular one and will cost you 40 dollars. The biggest advantage over the previous one is that you can use it not only on a Win, but also Mac, Android, or iOS device. That’s right: if you need a Norton Antivirus for Mac, you’ll have to go with this plan or higher. Again, only one computer/gadget will be protected. Additional features include a firewall, 24/7 support, and the company’s new 100% guarantee feature (if their expert fails at helping you, they’ll give you a refund).
  3. NS Deluxe. This tier is for people that take their protection seriously. It costs $50 and provides protection for up to 5 devices. Plus, it comes with a Web portal, designed to make it easier to manage the antivirus packages for your various devices. For most users, Deluxe is the golden middle.
  4. NS Premium. For $55, you’ll get simultaneous protection for 10 devices, enough to cover every single computer/mobile device in the house. Furthermore, it offers 25 gigabytes of online storage (secure, of course). If that’s not enough, you can always add more. Plus, this package warns about any potentially dangerous Android apps before installation.
  5. NS Deluxe With LifeLock. This Norton Security tier costs 80 dollars and offers solid identity theft protection. With it, you can count on a 25K stolen funds reimbursement (100K if you pay $200 and 1 million dollars if you pay $300).

Norton Antivirus Support And Customer Service

With the most basic package, you can only call tech support for any installation issues. With the more expensive tiers, you’ll get 24/7 support not only via phone but also chat and email.

The Norton Internet Security Center comes packed with informative and easy-to-understand articles about malware, ransomware, Internet privacy, and other important topics. The sections are huge and cover a lot of topics. The dedicated forum is also big and the community is friendly and supportive. 

Bottom Line

Norton Antivirus is an all-around solid product. With exceptional malware protection, it doesn’t impact the performance of your system as much as most rivals do. Furthermore, it is user-friendly, fast, and, above all, affordable. If security, privacy, and parental controls are #1 on the list for you, don’t hesitate to choose Norton. On the other hand, the fans of extra features will be disappointed by the lack of webcam protection, file shredder, and other industry standards. Still, you can’t go wrong with this company. 

User Reviews

  • Default User Avatar
    Great protection and technical support

    Norton has been protecting with from all kind of threats for years. I recently had a technical issue as Antivirus stopped working, and I was afraid to get hacked. Luckily, their Technical Support team resolved everything in no time and they did not charge me much money as other companies do.

  • Default User Avatar
    Happy customer for many years

    I started using Norton security back in the times when it was called Norton Antivirus and viruses were the only threats. I cannot recall ever being seriously infected by virus or malware. And Norton Security even works when you need to remove viruses off computers that got infected, as they had no anti-virus protection software.

  • Default User Avatar

    Beware of their autorenewal. We’ve been charged for 3 years having no idea about it, as all notifications were sent to inactive e-mail address.

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