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$39.99 12 months
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One of the oldest products on the market that will provide you with a almost 100% level of protection against all the online threats.
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  • One of the most recognized companies with multiple awards
  • Flexible options when it comes to choosing a package and the number of devices
  • The Eset Antivirus is available for Windows, Mac, and Android
  • Solid protection from malware, ransomware, spyware, and phishing
  • A good value for money
  • The free trial lasts for 30 days
  • A very intuitive and user-friendly interface


Eset was founded back in 1992 in Slovakia (used to be a part of Czechoslovakia then) and is now widespread all over the world with offices in America, Germany, and other countries. They have antivirus solutions for desktop PCs, mobile devices running on Android, and businesses. Eset Nod32 is an all-around solid entry-level package that comes with impressive test results and an affordable price-tag. Cyber Security, the Mac version, is considered to be one of the best products for that platform. The company is a vet and a recognized brand. As you’ll learn from our Eset Antivirus review, they know exactly how to appeal to the average users.

Efficient, fast, and reliable – those three words describe their products in the best way. The Eset security protocols will make sure your device is always well-protected. If you don’t want to download any of the Win/Mac/Android packages, the Eset Scanner might just be what you need. With it, you can scan your computer and get rid of the threats for free. Remember: this is a one-time scan. At the same time, you can always use the 30-day trial for, say, Nod, to take it for a spin. The greatest thing about this company is that you won’t even notice the antivirus software working. No sudden pop-ups, no strain on the CPU – nothing like that.

Best For

  • Regular users and small business owners
  • Users looking for basic and affordable virus/malware protection
  • Personal computers running on Windows OS

The List Of Pros And Cons

The Eset download + installation routine is very quick and easy. The dashboard is incredibly friendly and cleverly laid out. Everything is right there in front of you. Plus, it’s flexible and the price is competitive. Still, there are some downsides, and we will take a look at both the pros and the cons right now to get a clear perspective on things.

  • Easy to download, install, and use
  • Eset Antivirus doesn’t need many resources to work in the background
  • 30-day trial is a nice touch
  • There’s a free version for Android devices
  • Flexibility and versatility
  • Solid options for the Mac users
  • Lots of additional features with the high-end tiers
  • Despite the good value for money, multiple device packages could be a bit cheaper
  • Basic Nod tier lacks features like Parental Control and Personal Firewall
  • In the classic Eset vs Avast comparison, Avast takes the trophy
  • To protect several devices running on different operating systems, you’ll need to go with the expensive Smart Security Premium plan
  • Customer Support lacks some key option

Reliability And Security

Eset websiteObviously, when it comes to antiviruses, reliability is the #1 priority. Eset Antivirus achieved some impressive results in the third-party tests ran by the world’s most recognized companies. AV-Test reported in its Eset review that the antivirus discovered 100% of widespread malware. As for zero-day attacks, the results showed a solid 98% result (which is on par with the leaders of the industry). Furthermore, as we already learned today, even the slowest computers won’t have a problem running this software. In the Self-Protection test, Eset also reached a 100% score. The bottom line is – your device will be well-protected.

The most basic tier comes with protection from spyware, phishing, and ransomware. With the higher tiers, you’ll get access to a strong firewall, among other things. But if you only need basic protection, just download Eset and enjoy one of the most affordable antiviruses on the market. The sad part is – features like Virtual Private Network or Backup Software aren’t included in any of the packages. However, SS Premium is capable of encrypting any file/folder of your choosing. Furthermore, with an online account, you’ll be able to locate a stolen computer (that’s also true for the second tier, Internet Security). This feature is called Anti-Theft.

Ease Of Use

As mentioned earlier, you will be surprised by how fast and user-friendly it is. Scans are one click away. Same goes for Eset Online Scanner. You won’t have to register any information if you download it on your computer. Sadly, it’s only available with Windows OS (starting with XP and up to Win 10). That’s actually it for our Eset Online Scanner review. It was specifically designed for the newbies looking for a quick scan. The company did a great job of making every single one of its antivirus products autonomous, which means even if you’ve got only basic skills with a computer/mobile device, everything will run smoothly in the background. Simply go through the Eset Nod32 download procedure, follow the simple instructions, and let the software take care of the rest.

By the way, if you need to get rid of almost any antivirus currently installed in your system, we highly recommend using the 100% free Eset Removal Tool. Again, just follow the installation guide and ERT will do the rest. Sometimes, the system fails at removing certain software; that’s when this little tool will come in handy. It’s a common practice for antivirus providers to offer free features like this one to their potential clients. During our Eset Antivirus review, we were pleased by the interface, the dashboard, and how easy it was to navigate. The “You are protected” sign tells you that everything is fine. Available scans include Drive, Memory, Boot Sector, and External Drive.

Package Features – What Does Eset Antivirus Have To Offer?

Windows Options

Eset Nod321 – Eset Nod32 Antivirus. For 40 dollars, you’ll get basic protection for 1 device (and 1 year). The users are free to choose options for up to 5 devices and 3 years. That will give them some significant discounts. Important note: you can only protect computers running on Windows operating systems.

2 – Eset Internet Security (IS). The company officials claim that this is the most popular package. For additional $10, you’ll get safe online shopping and banking, along with a Personal Firewall. Parental Control and Webcam Protection are also included. The aforementioned Anti-Theft feature is Windows exclusive. IS provides protection for up to 10 devices.

3 – Eset Smart Security Premium. This is the most expensive package. It costs 60 dollars and is capable of protecting devices running on Win, Mac, and Android (again, up to 10 devices for 3 years). So, if you have a Windows PC at home, a Mac system at the office, and an Android device, this is the best bet. Features like Secure Data (use it to encrypt any data you want) and Password Manager are a part of this Eset package.

Mac Options

1 – Eset Cyber Security. This is the Mac alternative for Nod32. The cost and everything else are the same. Users looking for 1-device protection for a Mac system will find it quite impressive.

2 – Eset Cyber Security Pro. Again, this package is very similar to the 2nd Win tier – Internet Security (and costs the same). With features like Parental Control and Personal Firewall, your computer will be under good protection. However, Anti-Theft and Webcam Protection aren’t available, along with some other less important features. Still, the Eset Antivirus packages for Mac are worth every last penny.

Android Options

1 – Eset Mobile Security. The free version provides basic protection for your phone/gadget. For 15 dollars, Location Tracking, Anti-Phishing Remote Wipe, and other features will be unlocked. The commercial version is available for up to 5 devices and 3 years.

2 – Eset Parental Control. For keeping your kids safe and secure on the Internet, this app will be of great help. The free version is impressive. The commercial version costs $30 and can only be bought for 1 device (for 1 or 2 years). For the parents, features like Web Guard and Child Locator will be life saviors.

Eset Antivirus Support And Customer Service

Most Eset reviews praise the company for making the installer fast and nimble. As for customer support, it leaves a lot to be desired. While the FAQ page is pretty great, they only take calls during a specific time of the day, and it changes constantly. The Support menu comes with an extensive Knowledge Base – you’ll find answers to most of your questions concerning the Eset Antivirus there. If you go to, you’ll find a Video Library with even more intuitive and user-friendly instructions. Email support is also available. Again, the most common questions are answered in the FAQ and Support menus.

Still, it’s safe to say that the Eset online customer support is the weakest link in the otherwise strong “chain” of the company’s products. At the same time, since it is fairly priced and can compete with the leaders of the race, including Kaspersky and Norton, this tiny imperfection doesn’t really change how we feel about the antivirus. During our Eset review, we were convinced that it is, indeed, a premium product, but with a couple of downsides. The 30-day trial is a great offer. Make sure to cancel it before it expires and you won’t have to pay a single penny!

Bottom Line

Summing up our Eset review, we want to say that despite some minor flaws, this is one of the best antivirus solutions out there. It performs well during the tests and can compete with the greatest products. Initially, this antivirus was made for the Windows OS, but these days, it’s also available on Mac and even Android. Eset Nod 32, the most basic package, is very well capable of defending 1 PC running on a Windows system. If you have more devices, go with the top tiers. Pricing is standard. Installation is quick and easy. Lack of some useful features and the somewhat pricey high-end packages prevent us from calling it a #1 antivirus. Still, it is a worthy contestant.

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    Great protection

    Had it preinstalled on my laptop. The only time I had malware issues was when I forgot to renew my ESET subscription in time.

  • Default User Avatar

    I have been using Eset for 3 years and never had to call them. There were just no reasons to. I spend a lot of time online and have never had problems with viruses or malware.

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