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Email Security: Solutions For Keeping Your Computer Safe

Email remains to be the number one tool for business communication. It also implies that hackers use it as the primary channel to attack firms, companies, and enterprises. The common cases underline that despite being warned about cybercrimes, people tend to ignore basic rules and download viruses, causing thousands and millions of dollars to the companies. That’s why organizations want to improve their email cyber security, set specific policies, and identify threats at email gateways. Read on to know more about email cyber security and ...
Best Avast Alternatives in 2020.

10 Avast Alternatives 2021

The days when the computer was seen as a breeding ground for viruses and threats are long gone. But this does not mean that cybercriminals developing malware to steal data have changed the kind of activity. Therefore, the main task of antivirus software now is to prevent various types of attacks and confidential data theft. Undoubtedly, Avast antivirus is one of the leaders in the market of antivirus protection. This solution is excellent for the the tasks mentioned above, and even though it is one of the most famous brands, there are many ...
List of the Most Secure Internet Browser in 2020.

List of the Most Secure Internet Browsers in 2021

The browser is perhaps one of the most popular programs among all users, regardless of age, profession, social status. Since the introduction of the first browser, many programs of this kind have been designed. The number of only the most popular browsers is measured in dozens. Experience shows that it is easier to win the heart of the user, giving them the most comfortable working conditions. Users also like the high speed of page loading. In most cases, the browser is selected based on these criteria. And someone takes advantage of the br ...
Avast updates

Is Avast Secure Browser Good in 2021?

Consumers get bombarded with ads about secure browsers being 'the thing,' but are they? Let's check out the Avast review, the case for Avast Secure Browser and see if the jig is up. Why Think About Browsing? In the age of phishing, online scams and mandatory website cookie policies that inform consumers about the host gathering their browser data, browsing has rapidly become the object of hot debate in terms of privacy. While you, as a consumer, may not pay attention to where you browse, others do. Companies and hackers casually spy while yo ...
Avast Cleanup

Is Avast Cleanup Worth Your Money in 2021?

Cleaning Up Your PC Is Not 'So Yesterday' Thousands or even millions of bytes get channeled through our PCs daily. We often just clean the browsing history up or use our antivirus to do additional cleanups. However, users usually have no clue as to what data gets cleans, where does it go, and what is the residue left. Nor do they know about how all that affects their further PC user experience and performance. Tidying Up Doesn’t Only Improve Your Performance, It Also Improves Your Mood PC users think that using their usual in-built cleanup ...
AVG Tune UP review

AVG TuneUp Review

What is AVG TuneUp AVG TuneUp is a fantastic software tool for both beginners and skilled users who want to abridge maintenance measures from AVG (about AVG read our in our AVG review). If you did not know you had to take care of your PC, it would surely help! The AVG TuneUp encompasses a collection of tools designed to help everyone: free space management, speed optimization, secure file deletion, and more. Notable, the advantages you will get will be different depending on the device on which you install TuneUp. If you have a new PC, you ...
windows defender

Is Windows Defender Good Enough in 2021?

Windows always had some built-in tools for protection. But they were far from reliable, and users never trusted them. However, we can see how Microsoft tries to improve its products. And Windows Defender is supposed to become better, too (Windows Defender review). So is it any good now, or should Windows users continue getting third-party antiviruses to keep their computers protected? Let’s take a look at lab tests and figure out if you can trust this tool. What do You Get with Windows Defender? If you have Windows 8.1 or 10, you will get ...
Trend Micro Password Manager review

Trend Micro Password Manager Review

All of the e-mails, social media accounts, and some applications require passwords, and what's more important – remembering them. Of course, there is a simple solution – to use one or two passwords for all accounts, but as you may guess, it's not an excellent idea in terms of security and safety. Once one of your accounts is hacked – so are the rest of them. No one wants it.  The good news is that it is easy to prevent hacker attacks using a password manager. Trend Micro appears an optimal solution that offers both free and paid plans. ...
Malwarebytes AdwCleaner review, pros and cons

Malwarebytes AdwCleaner Review

Are pop up ads ruining your online experience? Has your homepage or search engine suddenly changed without your explicit instruction? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you might be a victim of Adware – a notorious type of malware. You will need a specialized application like Malwarebytes AdwCleaner to restore your device to its normal condition and avert further attacks.  What is Adware Adware is a sophisticated malware that takes over your browser. It is deliberately bundled with other utilities that you install on your de ...
Comodo Hijack cleaner review, pros and cons, features

Comodo Hijack Cleaner Review

The majority of internet users use web browsers to access the web and other online services. Unfortunately, safety on the internet is diminishing day by day. Browser hijackers are increasingly becoming prominent. They take over the user’s browser under the guise of utility browser extensions. Attacks often involve events such as unsanctioned changes in your home page, search engine, or DNS provider. Comodo Hijack Cleaner is designed to remove malicious software targeted at evading user privacy. What is Browser Hijacking? Attackers carry out ...
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