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Kaspersky Password Manager Review

Kaspersky Password Manager: reviews pros and cons, features

What is Kaspersky Password Manager?

The newest application of the timeless Kaspersky cybersecurity company was upgraded with a pack of exceptional useful functions (more in our Kaspersky antivirus review). The most effective and long-ago demanded option – Kaspersky Password Manager. It helps you to manage private information and confidential login credentials under the total protection of one of the most famous user data security developers. Also, so expected by numerous fans of the Kaspersky’s lab software feature.

Now, every user can install the desktop application, that will contain and efficiently maintain multiple logins and passwords. Thanks to the exceptional and vast experience in protecting personal data, developers provide professionally secured software for saving passwords under the strong bricked wall of the worldwide known antivirus designing company guaranties.

Kaspersky Pssword Manager: review, pros and cons, main features

Should You Use Password Manager?

It’s highly recommended by an exterior-free professional Kaspesrky lab developers to install password managers. It is vital to automatize and save some of your private data under your strict control. Even taking into account the highest level of personal data protection, it’s impossible to guarantee 100% protection. As you know, modern hacking software is pretty mimic (some cases – even 10 out 10’s similar) to a cybersecurity software, especially free or demo clients. While installing free software, some users forget about the theoretical possibility that at least one hacker in the world wouldn’t be as smart to crack your account.

They might be using not just multi-connected monster-class custom Bruteforce soft, but by swapping icons of the completely diverse applications (one of them containing trojan). And that’s going on much more dense basis, than most of the modern online users could think or even imagine. The human factor depends on some surfing experience and understanding how it’s simple to not relate 0 and 1 in your complicated passwords by any of these figures twice.

Pros and Cons of Kaspersky Password Manager

  • Worldwide top-class security cloud data protection
  • Intuitive, adaptive and convenient interface
  • Widespread options to separate private files from encrypted info
  • Fingerprint assessment or general master-key for your Kaspersky Password Manager
  • Fully-adaptive software
  • Two-step authentication is absent
  • No passwords auto-filling
  • Logins sharing may be insecure

Features of Kaspersky Password Manager

  • Protects your passwords, addresses, banking account details, personal notes and PDF visual copies of important documents via encrypted vault firewall, that only you can unlock.
  • Every registered user can open a secured cloud vault using a confidential master password.
  • Keeps private stuff and personal, even master passwords synced and easily accessible via your smartphone, PCs, laptops, and even desktop browsers.
  • Every person will receive an alarm note in the case of a weak password. Kaspersky Password Manager will also propose reliable alternatives, generated by the special tool.
  • Every registered person could use a broad functional and all potential securing options for saving passport, driver’s license, medical documents, and other important documents as the PDF copies. It is a better way to have the most important information on your hands, but not under the metal lock at home.

Kaspersky Password Manager review: secure vault

How to Use Kaspersky Password Manager

To start using all the richest functionalities of the Kaspersky Password Manager application, you should try the free version of the application. It can be quickly downloaded from the project’s official website. After installing the app, you will have access to a Kaspersky Security Cloud-based data storage, which is well-protected from hackers.

To access your protected data from other devices, you will need to install the application. And then, add the new device to the list of confirmed ones for entering and starting the authentication process. Thanks to a maximum optimized functionality, important information, and documents, saved on separate devices, are synchronized and stored in one private repository with quick and reliable access.

One of the most convenient and functional options for saving important information is the ability to generate passwords and access contained data using a master key or fingerprint. By regularly generating a new password and by changing it regularly, important documents and corporate information will be saved not only from intruders but also from the employees themselves. Don’t forget that there is also an option to create one-time passwords.

Access to certain information directories can be obtained only by knowing the password corresponding to the access level. So, the most expensive or professional photographs in the general database of the company will be available specifically to photographers, and access to legal information about the enterprise will be available only to CEO or selected candidates from the committee of directors (top management, independent intermediaries).

Kaspersky Password Manager: interface


Upgraded and renewed Kaspersky Password Manager provided customers with a new angle of view into the main aspect of personal and corporate data protection. Due to the continually growing demands of Internet security, it’s good to see such an experienced and merit company, as Kaspersky, in the role of the Information Security Pioneer, providing clients with an exceptional feature to manage private and corporate files more conveniently and confidentially. This Kaspersky Security Cloud review can say no more. Check your current antivirus software options list. You’ll see that personal data security service and completely adaptive file manager system collaboration is a truly new level of personal data protection.


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