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Kaspersky Security Cloud review

Kaspersky Security Cloud review

What is Kaspersky Security Cloud?

Kaspersky Security Cloud fuses the best characteristics of Kaspersky antivirus software, providing flexible security against digital threats to the home devices. Kaspersky Security Cloud will not only shield your devices against viruses and malware but will help ensure the most eminent level of protection always. For example:

  • If Kaspersky Security Cloud detects that a child is using your device, you will be asked to install the app to protect children from dangerous content.
  • If you set a simple password, Kaspersky Security Cloud will notify you of how weak the password is, and it will recommend you install Kaspersky Password Manager.
  • Kaspersky Security Cloud will show new devices connected to your home WiFi network, allowing you to better manage who and what tools are enabled on your home network.
  • Kaspersky Security Cloud is an antivirus tool designed to secure you when you surf the web and shop on any device.

Kaspersky Security Cloud review: pros and cons, features

Should You Use Security Cloud?

Cloud security is the technology that protects cloud computing environments from threats to both external and internal internet security. Cloud computing, which consists of providing internet services, has turned out to be a tool for governments and contemporary businesses. To secure your data and cloud applications from current and rising threats, you need to implement cloud for best practices as well as security solutions that avoid unauthorized right to use your computer.

When you use a cloud service managed by a public cloud source, the information is stored by third parties, which is an essential difference between conventional cloud computing and computing, where most information is stored on a self-service-controlled network.

So, should you use Kaspersky Security Cloud? The answer depends first and foremost on you. If you feel the above information is essential to you, then you should.

Pros and Cons

The application includes blocking network attacks, system protection, instant messenger antivirus, and email protection against the bug. The latest functions of exploitation prevention and protection of ransomware are not mentioned. The program works most of the time instantly. If you put out of action the preferred security components, most users will most likely save the whole thing as it is.

  • Outstanding free security
  • Mobile protection
  • Cleaning and optimization tool
  • Secure connection
  • Amazing protection against ransomware
  • Support for Android and iOS devices
  • Without direct technical support
  • Third-party tests are a bit outdated

Features of Kaspersky Security Cloud


Clicking on the central console will take you instantly to the Kaspersky Scan window. As you will see, its interface is straightforward and up to date: there is a sidebar with a list of analysis types: Quick, Full, selective or external device, a schedule button, a run scan button, and settings options.

Kaspersky URL Filter

The Kaspersky URL filter is accessible to avoid dangerous links. It informs you of the harm that may be caused by using the URL. Nevertheless, it allows you to decide if you want to disregard or not.

Kaspersky Password Manager

Kaspersky Password Manager is a highly proficient password management program developed by Kaspersky Lab. It allows users to store passwords for online services securely and helps them make simpler the process of organizing classified password information and pictures.

Kaspersky Safe Kids

Safe Kids by Kaspersky is a smart parental control section that offers all the necessary features you can expect (filtering irrelevant web content, restraining time spent on specific tasks, or via a device) with useful social monitoring.

Kaspersky Safe Money

Safe Money is an isolated and secure browser that protects your financial data when you shop online. Whenever you are shopping on Amazon and other transaction sites, Security Cloud will ask you to open the link using Safe Money.

Kaspersky Security Cloud: review, features, tools

Other Tools

Security Cloud has many smaller concealed tools, but most are even more restricted, more when compiling the list of functions than anything else. Some of the tools are:

  • Low Configuration Control: Looks for the wrong computer settings, such as “No file extensions for known file types,” so that you can change them to develop security.
  • My Kaspersky: the chance to open the web interface and to disengage the installation.
  • Cloud Protection: Check the status of the connection and check the statistics.
  • Quarantine: manages quarantined things.
  • Kaspersky Rescue Disk: Creates a recovery disk so that you can boot into a recovery background when Windows stops working.
  • My Network: Paid options to list devices linked to the network and include network monitoring.
  • Manage Applications: Paid options to check for software updates, manage applications, and permit trust mode to allow only trusted programs to run.
  • Data protection: Free elimination of files for secure file removal and on-screen keyboards are available in the free version. Paid versions also benefit from planned backups, data encryption, and a status monitor for hard drives.
  • Clean and Optimize: Includes diverse tools to delete temporary data and develop privacy — PC cleaning tool for paid customers only.

How to use Kaspersky Security Cloud: Total Guide

Kaspersky account controls Kaspersky Security Cloud. Just download and install the package and create your account to get started. We start our design from the “My Kaspersky” web account console by entering an activation key and choosing an installation technique. Options involve sending an email to your colleagues at work, family member, or a friend with a link or installing an app directly from your device’s store.

The family plan allows you to create up to 20 personal accounts, modified to the age of each user. If you know how Netflix works, then this shouldn’t be a problem. You can connect 20 devices to your main account, which controls the security settings for each device. If you want, you can also configure alerts to check the use of the Internet and devices in secondary accounts.

You can also verify how much time your child spends using the device. The explore feature tells you where your child’s device is in real-time if it is activated. Web limitations may block access or caution the child that they should not open the site, which they may want to overlook Parents get an alert when a child clicks on a doubtful site, and you have the choice to permit your child to log in if you wish.

Each device must be configured in the app, but it does not take long, about 5 minutes at a time. Diverse levels of security options are available, depending on the device or working system used by Security Cloud. In review, the app is simple to use and uncomplicated to comprehend.

Kaspersky Security Cloud: review, interface


Kaspersky Security Cloud offers a wide range of features to help parents control their family’s Internet usage and also it’s good for business (Kaspersky for business). Virus and malware protection is visually reassuring, with pop-ups frequently informing you that risky items have been detected and removed on your device.

Periodic reports and notifications are sent to the account holder concerning the child’s use of the Internet if preferred, and other more general information on computer and online security. In general, the flexibility of the functions offered by Security Cloud and their capability to adapt them to the wants of the users makes this product of Kaspersky Lab a great success.


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