We review products independently, but we may earn commissions if you make a purchase using affiliate links on our website. Also note that we are not antivirus software; we only provide information about some products.

About us

Who we are:

The Antivirus-review.com team is a group of tech-savvy boys and girls from all over the globe. They can seem to be different, but the primary common thing is a high interest in cybersecurity and online protection. We are together because we want to give our users all the means to protect themselves from the threats our digitalized world is full of.

Please note that we are not antivirus software; we only provide information about some products.

What do we do:

Nowadays, cyber-attacks and hackers have become more sophisticated and fierce, respectively. So, we gathered in a team of your Digital Justice League to test all the possible antivirus solutions. We are sure that our work will help you to find the most appropriate option for you to ensure one’s protection and online privacy. We test all the products, represented on our website, to see their operation in real life, and compare our results with results of the world acknowledged third-party testing labs.  

Why can you trust us:

Our team leader has been working in one of the leading cybersecurity companies in the market; so, he is the one who contributed to creating one of the solutions we reviewed. With his help, we get the necessary knowledge of antivirus software testing and possible weak spots of each product. Our activity is the sum of our team members’ experience, who strive to provide the users with the knowledge they need.

Our team

Harry Brown

harry brown

Harry Brown is the most experienced and tech-savvy writer of the antivirus-review.com team. He consulates and guides on the topics of cybersecurity, antivirus software, and cybercrime prevention. Harry Brown does it with a solid understanding of how the antivirus works and protects, as he took part in numerous nationwide technological projects. Recently Harry Brown has finished an internship in non-profit organizations supporting free software. Lastly, he curated several educational projects on data protection and cyber literacy.  

Education: Degree in Applied Sciences in New York City College of Technology, New York Software Engineering. 

Working experience: Tech writer for security software companies(5 years), Advisor, and Advocate on Cybersecurity (4 years).

Hobbies: Avid reader of sci-fi; music, and architecture lover.

Tamara Black

Tamara Black

Tamara Black is a writer and tech expert at the antivirus-review.org. She knows much about cybersecurity, computer systems, software, and testing, as she is passionate about technology. Thanks to her digital marketing background in the software niche, she can explain almost every complex topic in simple words. Moreover, Tamara Black knows much about prices and discounts; that’s why our editor’s board relies on her choice of the top list of products. Technology is her driver in understanding where we are heading. 

Education: Digital Marketing Degree of the University of California, Cybersecurity Certificate of Rochester Institute of Technology.

Working experience: Marketing Specialist in software development.

Hobbies: Photography, History, Gadgets.

Bert Wellman

Bert Wellman

Bert Wellman is a tech writer who is likely to give you a comprehensive picture of any product or software. His complex approach will let you see all the details of the product or the event, as he tries to consider every significant or relevant research. Thus, be sure, after reading his articles about cybersecurity and software, you will want to increase your data protection. Bert Wellman as well writes guides and howtos due to his innate ability to explain. Lastly, his pieces are not boring, as Bert loves writing and will soon publish a futuristic political thriller.    

Education: Degree in History of Boston University, Degree in Computer Science and Engineering of University at Buffalo.

Working Experience: Journalist, Creative Writer, Tech Writer

Hobbies: Poetry, Sci-fi, Sociology.

Florence McNeil

Florence McNeil

Florence McNeil is the youngest member of our antivirus-review writer’s team. She is a passionate tech writer who loves investigating new events and products. Florence has started as a Journalist and soon became a writer for one of the software companies. Thus, she knows all the dangers of cybersecurity and is in touch with many experts. Today, she is not the most experienced writer of our team but the most progressive one. It means that her cybersecurity articles are always relevant and up-to-date. 

Education: Degree in Communication Studies/Journalism of California State University, Sacramento

Working Experience: Communication Specialist, Reporter, Tech Editor.

Hobbies: Writing, Guitar Playing.


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