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Florence McNeil
Florence McNeil
She knows how to share the most complicated technical knowledge so that anyone would understand. Years in tech support and development were not spent in vain. Tech-savvy professional who knows how any antivirus works because she carefully tests every single one of them. And she is here to help you to find out.

Is AVG Cleaner Any Good?

AVG Cleaner is a product of the AVG antivirus developers. Users have already estimated the usefulness of this tool when it comes to finding and removal of some temporary unnecessary files. A pleasant bonus of AVG Cleaner is the overall improved performance of the device. For any user, it is a common situation when his or her device begins to work worse, meaning that the speed decreases considerably. Those who need their device for work, for instance, would especially appreciate the effectiveness of the cleaning tool. AVG Cleaner, like any o ...
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