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Intego is the perfect, easy-to-use and highly capable Mac antivirus for an average macOS user who needs descent protection.

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Is Intego Antivirus Good? Our Short Overview

Intego: antivirus, review

The promises about macOS being fully immune to viruses and other malware were indeed true… some ten years ago. Much time has passed since then and hackers have developed enough ransomware, trojans, adware and other malware targeted specifically at macOS. Many instances have already revealed that no regular OS is independently immune to malware.

There have been many instances where a malicious code had been written into certain programs that were later downloaded from a decent source and installed. Such programs like the Proton app or Transmission app carried a malicious code that installed a Remote Access Trojan on more than 1 million computers, allowing hackers to steal data without suspicion.

Reported vulnerabilities in macOS increased by 28.83% and the number of code execution vulnerabilities by 33.94% between 2016-2017. The desire to save money by fooling oneself that the latest updates from Mac will possess all the necessary cyber protection your device needs is irresponsible. Intego, as well as other companies, have proved that enough.

It has been reported that there is a hole inside macOS Gatekeeper’s protection patterns when it runs its protocols to acknowledge a potential, outside-of-store install package as ‘safe’. While the user still has to confirm the security that they ‘trust’ the source and open the .zip file, the Gatekeeper’s protection has a loop through which the malicious code can seep through upon the file getting opened. That is why your Mac additional needs malware protection.

That being said, Intego is your most well-rounded friendly neighborhood anti-malware program for Mac users that offers substantive protection in a simple package that will keep most viruses and other malware out of your macOS. Intego’s firewall has been protecting Mac for good two decades, so it knows better how to protect macOS devices from inside and outside threats than you or us.

  • Real-time protection
  • Certified and equipped for macOS
  • Fully packed firewall
  • Doesn’t identify Windows malware good enough
  • Weaker phishing protection
  • Doesn’t have a safe browser

FAQ about the Product We Should Answer

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  • Do MACs need Intego malware protection?
  • Is Intego the best free antivirus for Mac?

Intego Prices and Plans

All of the prices account for yearly plans and not for monthly ones, so do not fret. There are some differences present between the packages, as some of them have either more enhanced protection or are targeted for a different aim. Whatever package you will choose, there is enough cyber protection available to keep your Mac secure from most of the standard threats.


Mac Internet Security X9

Content Barrier Secure X9

Washing Machine Secure X9

Mac Premium Bundle X9

1 device





3 devices





5 devices



Mac Internet Security X9 is the most basic package Intego antivirus offers, which includes its antivirus and firewall features packed into two clusters called VirusBarrier X9 and NetBarrier X9. Both of these clusters are full of real-time protection and will make sure that you are safe while you are connected to the Internet and work with it or external devices.

VirusBarrier X9 includes a whole range of real-time antivirus protection. It will keep your device free from Trojan, worms, Unix viruses, Mac viruses, spyware, Windows viruses, hacking tools, keyloggers, Microsoft Excel and Word macro viruses, and scareware. Quite a lot is going on with your computer while you work it, it’s just that you don’t know it.

Although Intego doesn’t necessarily protect or aim to deal with Windows-type threats, it will identify them, for example, if they come from an external USB drive or elsewhere so that your device doesn’t serve as a carrier. It will also be able to identify malware in archived filed. Intego also performs an email deep scan to make sure no malware gets to you.

You will be able to schedule your scans whenever you like on top of having your back with the real-time firewall. There are options to carry out quick scans as well as full, deep scans to rummage through everything on your Mac. Nonetheless, Intego has a light footprint and it marks safe folders for quicker scans, so it won’t slow down your device’s performance.

Intego: antivirus, price, plans

NetBarrier X9 is the firewall part of Intego. It will help you stay safe with any network and any device your Mac will come in touch. There are logical default profiles that you can choose from, depending on which network you’re working with. Intego will provide automatic advice as to actions regarding the connection, device, or applications that will come in contact with your device.

Content Barrier Secure X9 is a special package Intego has designed for users who have kids. Currently, the Internet is overloaded with toxic and dangerous content that should not be available to children in order to avoid harm. In addition, such content may be designed to lure kids in and infect or hack your device as a result. Parental Control will shield your kid and your device from that.

Washing Machine Secure X9 is yet another package that has got the standard NetBarrier X9 and VirusBarrier X9 but includes the clean-up tools for you device. This clean-up tool will aid you in identifying files that are slowing down your computer or phone, will let you customize the deletion criteria and, overall, will help you keep your device clean from junk that may slow down its performance.

Finally, the Mac Premium Bundle X9 is the full-featured heavy-duty package Intego offers that has all of the above-mentioned functions in it. If you consider all of the differences and the prices divided by 12 months (since every package has an annual plan), then the premium bundle is the most appealing option for its price, having all of the protection your Mac needs.

Intego Free Version

Intego: antivirus, free vesion

Obviously, the Intego brand couldn’t leave its potential consumers hanging in doubt, which is why there is a possibility to give a test drive to its offers without having to pay for it. You can opt for any one of the mentioned packages and Intego will provide with a 30-day free version for you to try it out. It’s a great opportunity to put all of our and other reviews on Intego to the test.

Don’t think that Intego will leave you stranded with a limited package or will block out any features while you’re test-driving one of its packages. All of the package features will be available to you so that you can have a full experience of the advantages of Intego antivirus. The only limitation is that Intego free trial lasts for a month. Other security systems also offer free trials, for example, McAfee, TotalAV, or Norton.

Intego Trial Version and Money Back Guarantee

Intego trial version is available on the company website which provides you with the opportunity to choose any one of the four packages. When you have decided upon one, click on the “Download free trial” and the file will be automatically downloaded to your device. After opening this file, the installer will guide you through the quick automatic installation process and that’s it.

After having thoroughly experienced all of Intego’s features during the Intego trial version 30-day free period, you will stand before the decision of whether to continue using it by paying for the subscription of either this or the other package. There will be a simple option of canceling the subscription with pushing the appropriate action button in your Intego program if you decide not to continue.

In case you decide you like its features and that is has been helpful, you will be able to pay for the chosen package and continue using it. Remember that Intego offers a refund policy but under strict rules. Refund is also available if you’ve accidentally bought the wrong package. You will be able to contact their Sales department or the live chat to discuss this possibility.

Intego: antivirus, trial version

Intego Coupons and Discounts

The company has an irregular plan for offering coupons and discounts on its products, which means that will have to stay on the lookout for them. For instance, at the time of us writing this article for you, there is a discount available for all of the four packages, so be sure to check their website out. Discounts may vary from 20% to 60% and may pop up randomly or during holidays.

Online stores and resellers will sometimes offer coupons for Intego antivirus packages. Be sure to stay vigilant and know the source that offers the coupon so as to avoid any scams. If it’s not a reputable store or you have any doubts about the reseller offering the Intego coupon, be sure to contact the Intego support team through their live chat or email to make sure.

Intego Antivirus Pros

Real-time Protection

The feature “real-time protection” from viruses and other malware is something that screams into our faces all the time when we check out programs to enhance the cyber protection of our devices, but it’s often not clear what that really means. Real-time protection in antiviruses means that your computer is checked continuously out for suspicious activities in real time.

With this in mind, VirusBarrier X9 keeps your Mac or iPhone protected from viruses 24/7. It updates its virus database periodically and automatically and performs a scan on files every time you access them. Intego antivirus has a sophisticated and up-to-date malware database targeted explicitly for macOS. Therefore, such a real-time shield is exactly what you need.

Intego’s antivirus has a special feature that is set not to delete malware upon detection straight away. Any files that are identified as potentially malicious are immediately relocated into quarantine with appropriate notification. It acts not to halt the computer’s performance and to let you have a better understanding of what happened, where you got the malware and adopt a respective decision about the file and the actions that led to getting it.

Although “real-time” or “24/7” may sound like something that will overload your Mac or iPhone, this is not the case. Intego has been designed to have a digital light footprint, which means that its protocols and other activities have patterns that allow it to perform its scans and vigilance without negatively affecting your device’s performance. Among others, this is also achieved thanks to marking safe folders and being targeted at macOS/iOS malware and other online threats which are way less abundant than those for Windows users.

Fully Packed Firewall

Intego: antivirus, firewall

On the other hand, the NetBarrier X9 cluster acts as a two-way firewall. It will keep your device from any unauthorized access, in other words, from hacked thanks to unsafe networks, malicious code, or intended unwanted attempts to hijack your Mac or iPhone. Intego’s firewall will be able to block out any unwanted connections in Public Hotspots at your discretion.

In addition, while being in Home or Work modes, it will grant you the ability to keep any foreign connection out of your networks. Regular users don’t check whether their home network is being used by other people, especially if they are not very tech savvy or just average PC users. You would be surprised if you’d run some check-ups on your network to see what went on in it without you even knowing about it.

Intego firewall also acts as a precaution against suspicious programs. Since macOS encourages and is designed to buy and install apps only from its authorized stores, Intego’s firewall is set on checking all of the downloaded programs for their credibility or the presence of malicious code that could easily infiltrate your device and grant access to it to other people.

Certified and Equipped for MacOS

Intego is not some random antivirus for macOS, boasting about its credibility and relevance. The AV-Test Institute, as well as AV-Comparatives,  have performed in-depth test-drives on it to see whether it is suited to call itself the best friendly neighborhood Mac antivirus. It turns out that it does: both institutions have certified Intego as full-on security program for macOS users.

Both of these institutions are well-respected in the antivirus systems world, which is why their say is relevant. Despite macOS being not as popular terrain for malware like Windows is, there is enough of that present in the Web active or dormant. As a result of the said tests, Intego was able to detect 100% of malware for macOS that it had been subjected to.

Nowadays, marketing is shrieking and often times, frankly, false, which is why checking for such certifications when it comes to cybersecurity programs and tools is necessary. Every consumer has a duty to make an educated decision regarding a purchase, especially when it concerns the cybersecurity of their devices that carry all vital data about them. Rest assured that Intego is one such reliable, certified anti-malware specifically tailored for your macOS.

Intego: antivirus, mac

Intego Antivirus Cons

Not That Good With Windows Malware

The major issue with Intego identifying Windows malware that may potentially end up on your Mac is that it is predominantly in a dormant state. In other words, this malware won’t get activated on your Mac for Intego to flag its sequences and deal with it. How can Windows malware come to be on your Mac? Well, through external devices being connected or even through the Web.

Nevertheless, nobody would want their precious Mac or iPhone becoming a carrier for Windows malware, which makes Intego, at least, somewhat useful in this regard. The same test pinpointed that Intego was able to flag 28% of Windows malware lying dormant on a Mac, which may sound like little but your Mac or other average antiviruses wouldn’t be able to identify even that much.

Weaker Phishing Protection

Intego: antivirus, phishing protection

Perhaps it’s not the strongest point of Intego, but it has its benefits, especially if you are a conscientious Internet user. You will constantly be engaged in sharing diverse files with Windows and Linux users through emails, so having the Intego option to identify the most common, potential threats for these systems lying dormant on your Mac, attaching to files is a swell feature to have.

Not all USB drives, hard drives, phones, and other devices that acquire the connection to your Mac are always thoroughly scanned all the time for the presence of malware. Mac users think that they live in a dimension fully divided from the Windows realm, but that isn’t totally true, especially when it comes to all of us being connected by the Web and interactions with other users and devices. Intego does a decent job of trying to eliminate this type of threat as good as it can.

Has No Safe Browser

Yes, Intego has a great two-way firewall and a very decent antivirus cluster, but the brand itself targets the average, not a super tech-savvy user. It will provide you with a Chrome and Safari safety extension for you to see whether it is on or off. However, it does not really watch over your online activity the way that specific safe browsers tend to do.

Intego will keep your Mac from any malicious software infecting your system upon it ending up on your device, but it will not act as a precaution and as your guide while you browse. It does have in-built anti-phishing filters which will automatically throw all suspicious emails into the spam folder to protect your privacy from getting breached.

By no means does the absence of a safe browser mean that your Mac will be freely exposed to anything that comes bombarding it from the Internet, like adware, spyware, Trojan, worms, and such – no. It simply means that it won’t act as your StarTrek “Computer” while you navigate the deep space of the Internet. Nonetheless, Intego will immediately flag and capture anything malicious that ends up on your device and tries to infect, expose, or damage it.

Intego Extra Features

Intego: antivirus, extra features

The Clean-Up Tool

It may sound like a drag but every device that you’re working on that is connected to the Internet and performs diverse digital functions needs a clean-up from time to time. Washing Machine X9 acts as Intego’s clean-up available in two of its packages. It is the actual tumble washer and dryer for your Mac.

There is numerous junk stuck in your device as you utilize it. Junk files, old archives, unused folders and apps, chaotic structures, deleted files’ residue, overdue hash and a plethora of other garbage is stuck on various levels of your Mac that you or your regular clean-up tool have zero idea about. Intego’s Washing Machine will get rid of that junk for you and will also organize all the files neatly on your device, ensuring its smooth and healthy performance.

Content Barrier

There’s a whole array of reasons why you need Parental Control installed on every device your kid will use to access the Internet. There is much more content on the Internet your child should not be exposed to than they should, in addition, there are serious online threats like online predators that lurk around, waiting to stumble upon a defenseless child.

On top of that, children don’t know wrong from right when it comes to malware and red flags of what not to ‘touch’ on the Internet, making them act as a gateway for all kinds of online threats getting into your computer. Plus, you won’t be able to monitor your kid’s activity every time. Intego’s Content Barrier will serve as your trusty assistant, protecting both your child and your device from unwanted and malicious online threats.

Content Barrier by Intego will let you restrict your child’s access to certain content you deem unwanted. It will also allow you to restrain the time they spend online, as well as it will enable you to observe your child’s online activity to see what’s up. Content Barrier would be a must-have, if you got kids, in order to protect their stable and healthy growth.

Personal Backup

Despite our efforts to cyber-protect ourselves, our devices and the invaluable private information we store there, one can’t be a 100% sure and protected from all ordeals life throws at us. Notably, a vicious cyber attack or unexpected physical damage to our device can mean a lot of damage being done if our sensitive data is not backed up, and this is what Intego offers.

Intego has its encrypted cloud that will function as a bank for your designated sensitive information. By using Personal Backup, you can choose which files will be backed up, i.e., have copies of them created and stored in a safe Intego space. It also creates multiple copies for cybersafety reasons, and you can schedule the backup if you don’t want to run it manually.

How to Install and Setup Intego

Intego: antivirus, download, installation

As it was already mentioned above, Intego is your friendly neighborhood antivirus, which means that no extra PC skills will be necessary for you to install or set it up. You simply have to go to Intego’s website, point your cursor to “Home Products” and click on the one you want.

For example, by choosing “Mac Premium Bundle X9”, a new page will open up, offering you to either buy it immediately or try out the Intego trial version. By clicking on any which one, the download of the file will commence. The new file will end up in the “Download” folder of the Finder on your Mac. Find the new file and click on it. The installer will offer you to read the license, go through some terms of use on their website, or install Intego – double click to install.

The Gatekeeper will ask you whether you’re sure that you want to open the downloaded file – press “Open” since you’ve downloaded it from the official website. Further, the installer may ask to run a quick test for compatibility, so let it do that. Afterward, click “Continue.”

Read the License, as well as other terms of use and keep clicking “Continue.” It will install all of the Intego features that are ticked, which is what we want, so “Continue” and “Install.” Enter the email you want to connect Intego to. It better be your primary email account. Provide the installer with all permits it asks you to while it’s installing. You can follow Intego on their social media or just finish up, restart your device, and open your new antivirus.

Intego interface is very no-nonsense and simple, offering you only a couple of tabs and buttons. It will have you Mac identified on the left. At the bottom, you can turn the Safe Browsing on and Schedule your scans. The Real-time Scan can be turned on in the middle to the right, and you’ll be able to opt for your desired settings and preferences related to scans and cybersecurity.

You will have the other tabs with Content Barrier, clean-up, and backup that are designed and articulated similarly. All of the preferences and settings are clearly outlined without any super tech-savvy language and decisions necessary. Just open Intego and enjoy your new, protected macOS-self.

Intego: antivirus, clean-up tool

You won’t need any additional Googling or reading to get yourself used to Intego as it doesn’t have any demands from you, like an antivirus consumer/user, that may feel overwhelming. It won’t have any ads or pop-ups to obstruct your user experience as well. Just open the thing and get straight down to the business of solidifying your cybersecurity.

Our Verdict

Intego is the perfect, easy-to-use and highly capable Mac antivirus for an average macOS user who doesn’t want to dive into too much detail about malware and cybersecurity but wants things to be done, a.k.a. have their Mac or iPhone protected from most online threats that try to infiltrate it.

While installing Intego on the weekend, enjoying your morning coffee, you can check out its comprehensive knowledge base for FAQs and other issues regarding Intego’s functionality and policies. You’ll find the answers to the most popular questions there. Intego’s Live Chat is great, fast, and has great specialists answering your bidding. For Japanese, French, and American customers, there’s also a phone support option available. Email and online forms are also possible if you prefer them better.

It has a reasonable yearly price for what it offers, including a two-way firewall, excellent 100% antivirus protection, a safe backup space for sensitive information, a great clean-up tool, and a content barrier. All of that comes in a simple packaging that doesn’t require any extra computer skills to wield. And all of that goodness will not strain the performance of your Mac or iPhone. What more do you need?

Be sure to check out the trial version and experience the advantages of Intego for yourself, if you haven’t done it yet, or get yourself the full deal, especially at the currently active discount, and let us know what you think!

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    Yond nailers
    So far extremely easy to use, good interface does not seem to affect the Mac and comes with fire wall and 12 months free VPN. I have yet to find anything to mark them down on

    You state Most threats and Malware? Thats very vague to say the least and far from technical. So please support that statement with the list of threats that Indego can’t detect or protect against to verify your statement please.
    Many thanks

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