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DFNDR Security Review


Quite decent antivirus for your Android or iOS device, perfect in the role of mediate antivirus solution.

Is DFNDR Security Enough in 2022?

DFNDR Security is a mobile antivirus for iOS and Android devices. It has many positive reviews on Google Play and a huge number of downloads. And it doesn’t come as a surprise because DFNDR offers many useful features and additional functions that can improve the performance of the device. Of course, this antivirus for mobile devices promises to provide users with top-notch security and protection from all the threats, including phishing and data leaks.

In our DFNDR Security review, we aim to check if these promises come to life once the app is installed and if this antivirus can really keep your device safe in 2022. We are taking a look at features, lab tests, the quality of user support, and the interface. 

The List of Pros and Cons

  • Easy to use and quite lightweight
  • Many useful features
  • The free version offers the full set of functions
  • Additional tools such as VPN and password manager come for free
  • Lab tests are inconsistent
  • The free version is overloaded with ads

Features of DFNDR Security

  • Real-time scanning
  • On-demand scanning
  • Auto-scanning
  • Anti-spyware
  • Identity theft monitoring
  • Anti-hacking
  • Data leak protection
  • Anti-theft
  • Applock
  • Safe app installer
  • Cleanup
  • WhatsApp hacking alert

DFNDR offers rather many security features – it’s able to protect users not just from malware, but from phishing and spyware. It will also warn you if you encounter infected links online so that you stay away from ransomware. The app will also warn you about any data leaks that involved your passwords and it will tell you if someone tried to hack WhatsApp. The latter feature is quite semi-useful because it’s not the only messenger people use. So if you prefer some other messaging app to WhatsApp, this function won’t be handy for you. Additionally, DFNDR Security antivirus will check the apps for safety before you install them.

The cleanup set of features includes a memory booster which is a great performance improvement tool. Also, there is a CPU cooler and a cleaner that will get rid of trash files and duplicate photos. Moreover, you’ll get a feature that will check the security of your connection.

dfndr antivirus review

Reliability and Security

No matter how cool all the additions are, we install an antivirus to keep our devices and data safe. Therefore, it’s the primary thing we need to check. DFNDR by PSafe promises to protect your gadget from virtually any threat that exists online. Let’s take a look at lab tests and see if it’s really true.

Scanning Features

The main scanning tool is a security scan that goes through all installed apps to see if there are any malicious programs. This process is rather fast – it took DFNDR less than a minute to check all 77 apps that were installed on the Android smartphone we used to test this antivirus.

Once the scan is complete, the system will offer you to schedule the new one, which is quite convenient. You can set up the app to check your device regularly so that you don’t have to worry about that. Also, you can perform a full scan that will include all the files in the memory. It takes longer than a security scan because it goes through the whole repository.

dfndr antivirus review, smart scan

Malware protection

It’s very hard to say something for sure about the reliability of DFNDR Security antivirus when it comes to malware because the last time it went through lab tests was back in May 2018. It’s registered as PSafe – it’s the developer of this antivirus app. The results were rather good, but it doesn’t matter now because two years have passed.

But we can always consider the opinion of users, who seem to be rather satisfied with this antivirus. They say that their devices remain clean and perform well since they’ve installed DFNDR. Also, considering that this app uses the virus database all other top antiviruses utilize as well, we can assume that you have nothing to worry about. Just don’t forget to update your DFNDR.

Phishing protection

Advanced users can detect a phishing email, message, or even website without any additional tools. But it’s always nice to have a backup, especially considering that phishing methods hackers use have become more advanced now.

DFNDR offers anti-phishing protection as a part of its anti-hacking feature. However, we’ve found only the tool that allows you to enter the link and see if it’s malicious. Using this antivirus, we didn’t encounter any alerts about phishing, so perhaps checking links is the only thing DFNDR is useful for. It is a nice concept, but we believe it would’ve worked better if the antivirus was checking links automatically in real-time mode.

dfndr antivirus, ease of use

Ransomware protection

Ransomware usually appears on your device when you install something. Since DFNDR Security antivirus checks all the apps for safety before they’re installed on your device, it should as well protect you from ransomware. However, there is no information on the PSafe website about DFNDR being able to keep you safeguarded from ransomware.

Although we had some ransomware as a test sample, and this antivirus took almost no time to detect it. Thus, we can say that DFNDR can protect you from this kind of threat before the malware harms the system. Just keep the real-time scanning on and perform full scans regularly.

Ease of Use

The DFNDR app offers a sleek and simple interface that will not leave you confused. It’s very easy to understand what to do from the first seconds you launch this antivirus. All features are well-organized and very effortless to find. So you should have no issues using this application. 

The scanning options are simple to navigate, and the results are very informative. You can see what files and apps were checked and what threats were found if there are any. Even the least tech-savvy person will be able to figure out how to use DFNDR in no time. Even advanced features such as app lock or link checker are very user-friendly and intuitive. The app tells you what to do to reach your goals. And all the cleanup tools will do their job without you lifting a finger. You won’t have to control a thing.

We didn’t notice any negative impact of DFNDR on the performance of the device. The antivirus is very lightweight and doesn’t require many resources. If your gadget is not too outdated, you will not experience any delays or lags using DFNDR Security. However, owners of older devices won’t be able to install this antivirus as it isn’t available for them.

Dfndr antivirus, main screen

DFNDR Pricing & Free Version

Free versionAvailable
Premium version$79.99/year

Customer Support

There is no live chat in the app or on the website. You can contact the support team via email sending your inquiry to [email protected]. Also, there is an extensive section with frequently asked questions on the PSafe website. There you might find solutions to the issues you face or answers to questions you might have.

Alternatively, you can leave a review in Google Play, and as practice shows, the developers answer all the reviews and does it rather quickly. So you can expect the staff to answer your question or ask you to write about your issues in detail in the email.

dfndr antivirus, customer support


PSafe is a developer of mobile apps that aim to protect and improve the performance of mobile devices. The company was founded in Brasil back in 2010 by developers from Silicon Valley. Now PSafe has a headquarter in San Francisco and lots of offices around the world.

DFNDR Security is the flagship app of this provider, but there are other tools besides the antivirus. Among PSafe’s products, you will find a VPN, password manager, performance booster, battery manager, a secure vault for your sensitive files, and the service that allows you to check links. All apps offer both free and premium options.

DFNDR Security Alternatives & Competitors

Our Verdict

DFNDR Security will protect you from malware and ransomware and help you keep your device optimized. We can’t claim it is 100% reliable merely because there are no lab tests this antivirus went through lately. But users are satisfied with the protection it offers.

The free version offers a lot of features; however, some functions are available only for premium users. We would say that the free version will be sufficient because it offers the full set of security tools. But there are so many ads that we can understand users who are willing to pay for a subscription to just get rid of banners.

Table of DFNDR Antivirus Features

Old pricing
Money back Guarantee
Real-time Antivirus
Manual Virus Scanning
USB Virus Scan
Registry Startup Scan
Auto Virus Scanning
Scheduled scan
Threat type
Chat/IM Protection
Adware Prevention
Easy of use
Extra features
Personal Firewall
Parental Controls
Gamer Mode
VPN Service
Smartphone Optimizer
Device Tune-up
Safe browser
Live Help
Phone support
Ticket support

User Reviews

  • Melania
    Too many ads

    I have used it on Android and it has so many ads that I had to switch to the premium version. It seems provide a worth protection. Whoa, but those ads…

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