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Tech-savvy, witty, and professional. He started his tech writing career at the University almost a decade ago. Bert tested the most well-known products on the market. Now, he is researching all the best products available on the market and provides comprehensive reviews to our readers.

How to Disable Avast Temporarily?

Everyone has heard about Avast antivirus. No wonder, this app is a popular one and widely used program. Due to its ability to provide users with quality security, Avast has become one of the top choices around the globe. Easy to use, not complicated in navigation - people fell in love with this tool from the very beginning. Some Avast users may face the situation when they tried to download some third-party firewall (or any other) but simply could not do this. It happens due to the fact that Avast antivirus does not let a user install softw ...
Avast Updates

Is Avast Secure Browser Good in 2019?

Consumers get bombarded with ads about secure browsers being 'the thing,' but are they? Let's check out the case for Avast Secure Browser and see if the jig is up. Why Think About Browsing? In the age of phishing, online scams and mandatory website cookie policies that inform consumers about the host gathering their browser data, browsing has rapidly become the object of hot debate in terms of privacy. While you, as a consumer, may not pay attention to where you browse, others do. Companies and hackers casually spy while you are unaware. Th ...
Avast Cleanup

Is Avast Cleanup Worth Your Money in 2019?

Cleaning Up Your PC Is No 'So Yesterday' Thousands or even millions of bytes get channeled through our PCs daily. We often just clean the browsing history up or use our antivirus to do additional cleanups. However, users usually have no clue as to what data gets cleans, where does it go, and what is the residue left. Nor do they know about how all that affects their further PC user experience and performance. Tidying Up Doesn’t Only Improve Your Performance, It Also Improves Your Mood PC users think that using their usual in-built cleanup o ...
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