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Is Avast Secure Browser Good in 2022?

Avast updates

Consumers get bombarded with ads about secure browsers being ‘the thing,’ but are they? Let’s check out the Avast review, the case for Avast Secure Browser and see if the jig is up.

Why Think About Browsing?

In the age of phishing, online scams and mandatory website cookie policies that inform consumers about the host gathering their browser data, browsing has rapidly become the object of hot debate in terms of privacy. While you, as a consumer, may not pay attention to where you browse, others do. Companies and hackers casually spy while you are unaware.

The Big Brother Is Watching You

Media outlets, including Forbes, have written about the problem of data being gathered in so many ways that even the companies that collect them don’t count all the ways they do it. While websites do offer you an ‘accept/deny’ option of gathering your ‘cookies,’ there are thousands of data brokers that secretly and freely gather our browsing data to then sell it further.

The Pros

There are many open, officially agreed upon and silently cued policies that allow social media platforms and search engines to gather data. Among others, such steps, including Facebook facial recognition, have been adopted to tackle terrorism, prevent self-harm, fight online bullying, and compromise other dark areas of the Internet activity. So, fine, there is that.

The Cons

On the other hand, frankly, such preventive and good intentions have only a small conversion percentage because there isn’t that much going on in that area at the end of the day. In the meantime, all of us are collateral damage of data collection that is utilized for aggressive marketing purposes, as well as for the personal needs of those who collect our browsing data.

Avast: tracker viruses, cookie tracker

We Are No Less Than a Grain of Sand

In the sea of corporate social media companies that don’t give two cents about what we think. Facebook and other social media platforms issue their new policies, which nobody reads, honestly. The consumer has no say in it: don’t like the policy, don’t use the platform. Meanwhile, they spy on our contacts, searches, communications, and everything in-between.

What Is a Secure Browser Anyway?

Most mainstream browsers, like Chrome or Firefox, are secure to the average ‘Joe’ since they have such functions, like download protection, ‘do not track,’ and URL filtering, but they underpin colossal search engines and companies that secretly gather your data in other ways. Browsers, like Avast Secure, offer the consumer to regain control with additional functions.

What Is Avast Secure Browser?

Avast: antivirus, options

The new Avast Security Browser, a.k.a. Aspen offers the consumer new tools to protect their privacy and cover unwanted online tracks. There are many rumors and intuitive discomfort we all feel while browsing online. Because of them, we tape our webcams, install AdBlock, and deny multiple policies, as well as anxiously clean our history. Well, we can calm down now.

You’re Not Alone in Your Fears

An online survey has revealed that over 67% of people feel insecure while browsing online, saying that they are anxious about the concealed ways in which their private data is being gathered. Alternative browsers, like Aspen, offer extra ways to appease those fears and chase away the feeling of being looked at.

Tape That Webcam!

Avast: cyber spying

One of the most popular fears is that you may be spied upon through your webcam. And that is partially true since platforms, like Facebook, and others that you provide with the cam permission can secretly do that. Avast Secure Browser has a special function – Webcam Guard – that prevents websites from getting a hold of your webcam. So chill with the tape.

Online Fingerprinting

Another thing regular consumers don’t know about is that the way we browse, what we view and our overall browsing behavior allows developing a fingerprint of our computer. That is also done by means of analyzing its configurations and hardware. Avast Secure Browser has the anti-fingerprinting function, which blocks the development of your unique online fingerprint.

Gmail or Not, Additional Check-Ups Won’t Hurt

Avast Security Browser also has the email hack checker, which is mandatory cause us, average Internet users, may not even know that we’ve been hacked! This check-up searches for your email in the lists of recent breaches and offers you ways to repair the privacy and enhance it. Mainstream browsers don’t offer such tools.

Halt That Phish!

Aspen also includes the anti-phishing tool, which is quite sophisticated in its new version and is a must-have in contemporary safe browsing. Cookie policies, search engines, or malware are capable of phishing your data while you enter it to register and/or buy something online. That is why such a built-in option is a definite bonus.

Shop Without a Prop

Online transactions have become a regularity that nobody pays attention to nowadays, which leaves the average ‘Joe’ vulnerable to phishing, ID, or online money thefts if unprotected. Avast Secure Browser has a powerful dedicated bank mode that kicks in when you want to buy anything and has to type in your banking data so that nobody and nothing can pry on you.


Firefox, for example, has quickly appropriated Aspen’s Webcam Guard and other mainstream browsers are set on including such a function in them after Avast Secure Guard’s new version has been presented. It only proves Aspen’s credibility and forward-thinking – just saying.

Avast: screenshot

What Else?

Avast Security Browser is based on Chromium and includes other great functions that protect your browsing experience, like SecureLineVPN, Anti-Tracking, Password Manager, Extension Guard, Stealth Mode, and others, and included in Avast packages. The interface is simple, it doesn’t slow your device down and is user-friendly in terms of securing your browsing to your liking.

Easy to Get

You can download Avast Secure Browser here. It’s available for Windows 7, 8, and 10, keep that in mind. It’s free to download, and there is a video tutorial, highlighting its advantages over other browsers, for your viewing pleasure. The company is very friendly, so you can chat or email them any questions that you may have about the product and receive your answer promptly!

Get Avast Secure Browser now, take off your webcam tape and relax while browsing to your heart’s desire, knowing that your online data and ‘fingerprints’ are well-protected and covered when you need them to be.


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    Sounds good to me!

    Still, when looking up a VPN (such as NordVPN), the status says ‘Unprotected’. I guess it’ll always say that, unless one’s running THEIR product.

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