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This new player on the market has solutions for all the major platforms and offers great deals for the new users.
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TotalAv is a relatively new antivirus suite that’s available in both free and paid variants. The software doesn’t require much computational power to function and boasts a few peculiar features, which makes it stand out from the crowd. The main benefit of this solution is a well-developed VPN service, which is a rare occasion for antivirus programs. TotalAv antivirus is compatible with the vast majority of operating systems and devices and offers agreeable prices. In this TotalAv review, we will examine the key advantages and drawbacks of this solution, as well as its functionality.


With so many similar antivirus suites around, it’s hard to make the right choice. Modern Internet users’ demands are shifting towards online security that is conditioned by both malware control and safety of personal data. Most antivirus solutions ensure safe browsing, but it’s not enough to protect your sensitive data. This is where a separate service, VPN (virtual private network) comes in handy. What is TotalAV? It is the combination of both antivirus and VPN! This software is compatible with Windows, MacOS, Android, and iOS.

Aside from protecting your personal computer, or smartphones against viruses, attacks, and malware, TotalAV antivirus provides users with a virtual private network. It generates a safe tunnel for data transfer protecting the data you send and receive from third parties: neither provider nor governmental bodies can track the information you manage via VPN. Besides, with a virtual private network, you can access websites that are blocked in your region by connecting to them from a distant server: the website thinks you visit it from a location different from your actual one.

Best for…

Is TotalAv safe for everyone? In fact, this software has a lot of shortcomings – the product is new, so there’s a lot to improve. First and foremost, using a free version makes no sense at all due to poor functionality of the basic suite. Those who want to save money on antivirus should find another solution. However, the solution should be taken into consideration, if you need:

  • Real Time Security
  • Decent Malware/Spyware protection
  • Advanced firewall
  • Quick and safe access to the Net via VPN

Pros & Cons

According to the information gathered and analyzed from tens of TotalAV reviews, the software has the following advantages and drawbacks:

  • Passed malicious URL protection tests successfully
  • Supports all popular platforms
  • Offers password management
  • Simple system boost and disk cleanup
  • Provides a reliable VPN
  • Around-the-clock customer protection
  • Intuitive user interface
  • There’s lack of information about independent tests. Low scores in phishing and hands-on malware tests
  • Web Shield is available as Chrome and Firefox extensions only and should be obtained separately
  • Firewall isn't elaborated sufficiently. Advanced firewall protection is available on the Ultimate plan only
  • The free version is very limited in the number of features provided
  • Thorough scanning takes almost 1 hour

Reliability and security

TotalAV FirewallSince there is no official information about the performance of TotalAv virus protection, it was tested by independent web-masters. Generally, this software is suitable for real-time protection of personal computers and portable devices against malware, attacks, Trojans, and different viruses.

When it comes to malware and spyware protection, TotalAv antivirus provides both quick scanning and detailed scanning (the last is available on premium packages only). Quick scanning identifies basic threats, while a thorough analysis takes pretty much time (about 53 minutes against 45 for other programs), it’s more efficient. Those who decide to use TotalAv free face one serious drawback: as soon as issues are found, they can be fixed only when a user pays. There’s even no option of quarantine! Therefore, the uselessness of the free option is surely a strike against installing it in our TotalAv review. There are many competitors who offer this feature without payments.

Real-time protection is also available in paid versions only. Therefore, those who need the unbeatable protection of their devices should be ready to break the bank. Judging by TotalAv reviews, this platform isn’t ideal, especially the free suite with functionality close to zero.

At the moment, the antivirus does NOT supply:

  • parental control;
  • backups;
  • the optimizer of system performance.

These features are said to be introduced soon, so prior to installation of TotalAv, users need to make sure they have some complementary safety measures taken, for instance, Windows Firewall integrated. Besides, dedicated firewalls come with more advanced configurations and ensure a higher level of protection.

Ease of use

TotalAv websiteEvery second TotalAv antivirus review mentions that despite average performance, this software has intuitive, simple navigation. Installation of the application is a no-brainer – there’s no need to install a kernel module. However, the time of setup isn’t agreeable: you have to wait for 8 minutes to have the premium version installed. Even with a free version, a user has to fill up a registration form, which isn’t beneficial from the privacy standpoint.

Package features

Although there is a 30-day Free Trial available, numerous TotalAv reviews prove that there’s no point trying it – the functionality is so much limited that you will hardly benefit from such program. Instead, you can try one of the following paid packages:

  • Ultimate Antivirus (supports up to 5 devices) for $69.95/year
  • Pro Antivirus (supports up to 3 devices) for $39.95/year
  • Essential Antivirus (supports one device) for $19.95/year

All of the paid packages will provide you with real-time protection against malware, spyware, and phishing scams, as well as 24/7 customer support and money-back guarantee. However, if you need system optimizer and removal of duplicate\redundant files, be prepared to pay more. The Ultimate plan also has web-security tools, firewall, web-browser cleaner, and PC optimization instruments.

Support and Customer Service

If you have any issues with TotalAv virus protection, their team has all means to help you. First, there’s a large FAQs page and an ample Knowledge Base where customers may find answers to widespread questions. If neither the official website nor TotalAv reviews help you, there’s a possibility to contact the assistants via email, phone or live chat. Additionally, the provider offers tutorials and guidelines on how to use the services correctly.

Bottom line

If you don’t know whether or not to use antivirus with VPN, use our TotalAV antivirus review for reference: we’ve outlined its strong and weak sides, as well as peculiar features. All in all, this software suite has a lot to be desired – it was launched in 2017, and creators have a lot to improve, and many features to introduce. If you need an average level of protection of your personal computer and smartphones, as well as flawless access to foreign websites, opt for paid packages.

Corporate users definitely need a higher level of protection than offered in this case – TotalAv isn’t tailored to protect sensitive user information, as well as repelling serious attacks. Besides, the Ultimate package supports only 5 devices simultaneously – there’s a bunch of antivirus solutions that support many more devices at a time for a lower fee. From the price standpoint, this antivirus is competitive, but doesn’t offer as much as leading software suites do.

User Reviews

  • Default User Avatar
    Stylish, functional, versatile

    The interface is very nice-looking. It constantly updates, so I feel safe using it. And I love the password manager and the VPN.

  • Default User Avatar
    No full scan with Essential Antivirus

    Wish I read this review before buying TotalAv for $20. It was not pointed out at the time of purchase that full system scan is not available in the basic package. I am really disappointed as even free antiviruses have such option.

  • Default User Avatar
    Great antivirus

    Bought a package with antivirus firewall and web security. It is much better than all the providers I had before, so I’ll settle with it for now.

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