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Is Avast Cleanup Worth Your Money in 2022?

Avast Cleanup

Cleaning Up Your PC Is Not ‘So Yesterday’

Thousands or even millions of bytes get channeled through our PCs daily. We often just clean the browsing history up or use our antivirus to do additional cleanups. However, users usually have no clue as to what data gets cleans, where does it go, and what is the residue left. Nor do they know about how all that affects their further PC user experience and performance.

Tidying Up Doesn’t Only Improve Your Performance, It Also Improves Your Mood

PC users think that using their usual in-built cleanup or a free cleanup tool cleans everything they don’t need automatically and enhances their computer performance. Little do they know that it’s not only about performance when it comes to cleaning up your PC but also with this tool you can get Avast antivirus to protect yourself from viruses. The quality of the cleanup also affects your experience with the cooperation between your other programs.

Everything Matters When It Comes to PC Hygiene

Avast cleanup interface

The cleanup depth impacts all of the experiences you have while ‘driving’ your drive. These include the time during which your computer wakes up and goes to sleep, the speed of your folders opening and closing up, as well as the quickness of your programs launching and shutting down. The adequacy and sophistication of your PC’s work depend on its tidiness.

What Happens During a Cleanup

It isn’t only about striking down unnecessary files, targeted by the cleanup tool’s algorithm. The cleanup performs a search and an analysis of your computer to single out diverse categories of data. It then offers you several ways to go about them. You can clean unnecessary files, compress old files, do about with temporary or old programs, recycle your bin, etc.

‘Unnecessary’ Means a Lot of Things

avast cleanup

These may be obsolete files, corrupted files/data, temporary files, and others. Most of the times, though, it means singling out the files you’ve downloaded and haven’t been adequately and/or frequently using. Their piling up slows down and complicates the performance of your computer and your experience in using a plethora of programs simultaneously.

Sharing Is Caring

Just as you share things with other people, remember that your computer is sharing its functions in return for your ecological use of it. Be friendly. The careless relation to cleaning and maintaining your computer will eventually in confusion, bloating disk backups, running out of healthy disk space, prolonging your virus checkups, and other issues.

Avast cleanup

Getting a Good Cleanup Means a Lot

Even if you’re a somewhat more advanced or proficient PC user, there are thousands of files your computer creates while you download, open and close files/programs about which you and your regular cleanup tool don’t know. Subsequently, you don’t get deep enough to identify and analyze them. They are left to their own discretion, slowing and complicating you down.

Paying for a Cleanup Tool? Hell, no!

But wait a minute, consider this: will it be cheaper to pay a yearly fee for an outstanding cleanup app that also offers maintenance or to pay the computer guy to do that in your stead twice a year or more? Just for $49.99 per year, Avast Cleanup Premium is going to substitute that computer guy for you and be at your service 24/7 – whenever you need it.

avast cleanup price

  • So What Does It Do Exactly?

Avast Cleanup Premium is an advanced, premium (as it says) maintenance program that offers a list of mandatory advanced functions that do all the in-depth analysis, cleanup and maintenance for you, better than you and any other in-built or downloaded cleanup tool. Get into this, though.

  • Clean Up Even Before You Pile Up

Avast Cleanup Premium has the browser cleaner, junk remover, and registry cleaner all of which neatly tidy up the unnecessary files, even those other cleanup programs don’t see. These functions include, among others, cleaning orphaned files left after uninstalling programs, other un-referenced files left by programs, makes the Windows registry pristine, tracelessly cleans the unnecessary plug-ins, browsing the history, and another unwanted browsing residue.

Avast Cleanup Premium Functions Organically

avast cleanup price

Cooperating neatly with everything else that happens on your computer without affecting it. Only full-circle scans are available, but they happen quickly. The Premium repairs files, removes bloatware, junk files in several key areas in a click, and even offers quarantine for some programs that the user is reluctant to delete but wants to transfer their impact on their PC.

Time Is Money

You can perform all of these steps by yourself. Nonetheless, it’s going to take you quite some time to do all that qualitatively and exponentially. You’ll have to have several cleanup tools, manually set and perform the checkups, consciously choose areas to analyze, files to delete, optimize, apps to put to sleep, date the analysis, and do all the other things Avast Cleanup Premium does automatically, proficiently, excellently and in a matter of a few clicks.

Windows Only? No

Like with other features, apps, and programs, Avast has – Cleanup Premium is available for Windows users but Mac users have a Cleanup Pro version. It has a very simple interface, is user-friendly and understandable to any user. The same as the original in our Avast antivirus review.  You can check out the preview, some screenshots, explanations, and download it on the official Avast website. 

Avast cleanup Mac

So What Now?

As it was mentioned above, you can perform all the checkups and cleanups by yourself. If you know your PC, its algorithms, and how cleanup programs function, you can use the free versions to fine-tune and make all those maintenance analyses and repairs by yourself. You can, of course, use the computer guy and pay them to do that. Or you can save time = money.

Get your Avast Cleanup Premium here and forget about bloatware, performance issues, junkware, and periodic checkups with the computer guy. You can use the free trial version to make an educated decision by yourself. Keep your computer healthy, fresh, and repaired in a matter of clicks. Be your computer’s BFF and let it be yours!


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