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Tamara Black
If you are having troubles with malware and computer viruses, Tamara is here to help. With a high level of experience in technical support and testing, she knows what software will be the best choice for your computer, how to install, and how to get the best of it.
avast passwords

Is Avast Password Safe?

You may think: "I know how to create Strong Passwords." But do you really? Of course, we have learned that including birthdates, names, and numbers relevant to real-life information about us is a no-no, and all safe websites where we create profiles have a password policy that forces us to include addition obstacles for hackers or malware not to be able to crack it. But there is more than Capital letters to the matter. Online Safety Just like in safe browsing and using a good antivirus to enhance the security of your privacy, for data is ...
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