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Tamara Black is a writer and tech expert at the antivirus-review.com. She knows much about cybersecurity, computer systems, software, and testing, as she is passionate about technology. Thanks to her digital marketing background in the software niche, she can explain almost every complex topic in simple words. Moreover, Tamara Black knows much about prices and discounts; that's why our editor's board relies on her choice of the top list of products. Technology is her driver in understanding where we are heading. Education: Digital Marketing Degree of the University of California, Cybersecurity Certificate of Rochester Institute of Technology. Working experience: Marketing Specialist in software development. Hobbies: Photography, History, Gadgets.
Panda CleanUp Review

Panda CleanUp Review

Everyone has, at least, once in their lifetimes, thought about making their computers work better, faster, and more efficient. Luckily, Panda Security Clean Up is a feature that can make it happen. The option provided by one of the topnotch security software allows speeding up your computer’s performance, as well as delete all unneeded registry keys. What is Panda CleanUP? Clean Up function can considerably speed up your PC’s performance; besides, it will free some space on your hard disk removing the useless files. Here is what you can do t ...
McAfee LiveSafe Review: pros and cons, features, review

McAfee LiveSafe Review

What is McAfee LiveSafe McAfee LifeSafe is a security app, elaborated and well-featured, and more trustworthy than some other protection software. It is one of the top security apps compatible with various devices with a very reasonable price. There’s no worrying about personal data loss if you have this security suite. McAfee is an American based company providing security software for several devices. It comes with the feature of protecting your data from being stolen. So, it can block the data breach on your device. Also, security softw ...
avast passwords

Is Avast Password Safe?

You may think: "I know how to create Strong Passwords." But do you really? Of course, we have learned that including birthdates, names, and numbers relevant to real-life information about us is a no-no, and all safe websites where we create profiles have a password policy that forces us to include addition obstacles for hackers or malware not to be able to crack it (first read about Avast antivirus). But there is more than Capital letters to the matter. Online Safety Just like in safe browsing and using a good antivirus to enhance the se ...
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