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McAfee LiveSafe Review

McAfee LiveSafe Review: pros and cons, features, review

What is McAfee LiveSafe

McAfee LifeSafe is a security app, elaborated and well-featured, and more trustworthy than some other protection software. It is one of the top security apps compatible with various devices with a very reasonable price. There’s no worrying about personal data loss if you have this security suite.

McAfee is an American based company providing security software for several devices. It comes with the feature of protecting your data from being stolen. So, it can block the data breach on your device. Also, security software offers protection for Windows PCs, Macs, and mobile phones. When you use a public network, it’s evident that something may interfere with your data. LifeSafe also has a firewall and anti-malware features.

The McAfee personal firewall acts as a barrier for blocking the suspicious activities and monitoring the activities. It immediately blocks the unusual behaviors in the system. Built-in applications like Windows Defender may not be enough as they provide limited security to your data. When it comes to significant concern, there comes its play. Let’s get started with the McAfee LiveSafe review.

McAfee LiveSafe review: pros and cons, features

Should You Use McAfee LiveSafe?         

If you use your device more often for handling different data and want to secure them, it is obvious you need to use McAfee LiveSafe. We are more concerned about web and email protection along with virus and spyware protection. McAfee has a top protection priority in these fields. It even provides PC and home network tools to secure your data. Turning on the intrusion detection feature in McAfee is always a win-win situation for PC geeks. It even works with clouds in your system. Cloud is emerging these days, so their protection is an obvious thing to concern. The purpose of McAfee is to bring out the weakness and potentiality of the products, which means you need to use it for sure.

Pros and Cons of McAfee LiveSafe

Sticking with certain security apps depends on how satisfied you are. It all depends on your requirements. McAfee LiveSafe has pros side by side with some heavy cons. According to the users, McAfee is more or less considered to be the right product. It provides virus and spyware protection, web and email protection. McAfee LifeSave also traces registered sites to trusted websites and suggests in getting rid of low secured sites (just read more in our McAfee review). 

In another parallel techy world, there are some negative reviews by people regarding the issues this application has. LifeSafe paid version isn’t satisfactory to work good according to subscribers. It has a serious resource hog. It uses heavy CPU and memory. McAfee LifeSafe has not been performing great in trace detection and doesn’t score well compared to other products out there. Another major con is it repeatedly asks subscribers with notification to upgrade it for more security features.

Features of McAfee LiveSafe

McAfee is said to be an incompetent security application. McAfee LiveSafe is one of the most expensive products McAfee has ever elaborated. The user interface is clear and convenient to use. The primary features are: 

  • Virus and spyware protection
  • Web and email protection
  • Data security
  • PС and home network protection tools 
  • File locking 
  • Password manager 

You can also turn off real-time protection. Updating is quick but installing signatures is a pretty failure from the user point of view. It runs tons of processes in the background and protects the device. Malicious sites, spam emails, and other protection are at a priority level. The cybersecurity application is well-built, and it protects your device for day to day uses. 

How to use McAfee LiveSafe: Total Guide

A walkthrough with McAfee LiveSafe: it has the specific installer for different platforms. There are a couple of major features to use McAfee as your cybersecurity product. LifeSafe provides tons of security applications. Live Safe is a new and more featured product by McAfee. Installation of McAfee LifeSafe is straightforward; it’s just a click away from install icon in McAfee official site. You can choose a subscription for phone, Mac, and Windows devices.

Requirements and specifications

  • Operating System
  • Windows 10,8,8.1 and 7 (32 or 64 bit)
  • Mac OS X 10.11
  • Smartphones Android 4.1 or better
  • iOS 9 or later

Supported Browsers:

  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Safari Browser
  • Microsoft Edge


  • Minimum of 2 GB of RAM
  • 1GHz processor
  • Anti-spam and email protection
  • IMAP
  • Pop3

Download and Installation

  • First, visit McAfee official site and search for LiveSafe after logging in.
  • Check terms and conditions.
  • Click on download, and you’re good to go.
  • Installation is quite simple after allowing required permissions; it is just some clicks away like other basic applications.

McAfee LiveSafe interface

Plans and pricing

One-year license plan of McAfee LiveSafe is $114.99 for unlimited devices. Under its licenses, devices include Windows PC, Mac, smartphones, and iOS. Payment methods are Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, Discover, and American Express. Furthermore, pricing may increase over the years.

McAfee LiveSafe portal

The program offers a very clean and simple layout from an antivirus point of view. You can personalize the scans using a custom scan. The portal is corned off in three sections. The grey section on the left has a quick, secure icon and registered devices. The top bar has the drop downs covering home, PC security, identity, privacy, and account. The final section in the center has run a scan, true key, and application updates icons.


In a nutshell, McAfee LiveSafe had a couple of issues with its interface and pricing in the past. They have been almost fixed these days and hope it’ll be even better further. Since security and protection have been a critical feature on the Internet these days, it fills all these gaps. The security program provides web and email, virus and spyware, password protection, personalized scanning, firewall for blocking suspicious activities, and locking system. It is an excellent choice for Windows and Android operating systems. The overall performance is convincing and hopes they’ll do with their upcoming security products.


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