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Avast sells data.

Do Avast Programs Spy on their Users?

Avast users began to receive notifications that the company's programs are "spyware." How serious is the threat, for real? Is Avast spyware, and what dangerous consequences can have such a data leak? Avast, an antivirus software developer from the Czech Republic, earns not only from protecting the data of its 400 million users. It also gains revenue from selling information about users' habits online and has been doing so since at least 2013. It led to the company's programs beginning to be noted as "spyware," from which Avast must protect its ...
Kaspersky Password Manager: reviews pros and cons, features

Kaspersky Password Manager Review

What is Kaspersky Password Manager? The newest application of the timeless Kaspersky cybersecurity company was upgraded with a pack of exceptional useful functions (more in our Kaspersky antivirus review). The most effective and long-ago demanded option – Kaspersky Password Manager. It helps you to manage private information and confidential login credentials under the total protection of one of the most famous user data security developers. Also, so expected by numerous fans of the Kaspersky's lab software feature. Now, every user can ins ...
PC Matic Patch Management and Driver Updater Review

PC Matic Patch Management and Driver Updater Review

PC Matic Patch Management and Driver Updater is a utility that helps the user organize their hardware drive library and maintain it. It is designed to automate the processes the user has to do manually. With the help of the tool, the user can maintain their endpoint hard drive. You can set the tool for the automatic system update to schedule the updates of your drive. Notably, the tool functions within the infrastructure of your drive and adjusts to its requirements.  The utility is positioned as a tool for the extension of the prod ...
best free firewall software, firewall review, firewall pros and cons, irewall settings, network firewall, software firewall, firewall options

Best Firewall Software 2021

If you are not sure whether you need a secure firewall for personal or business use, this review is for you. As you may notice, the Internet is enormously fast when it comes to developing technologies. It is easy to miss something new! With the development of the Internet, the need for a firewall as an addition to a robust antivirus emerged. In the review, we offer you the best firewall software that is included in the suites of Avast, Norton, Bitdefender, Webroot, and Panda brands. But first, let us learn what firewall is and which features i ...
Avast Logo2

How to Disable Avast Temporarily?

Everyone has heard about Avast antivirus. More you can read in our Avast antivirus review. No wonder, this app is a popular one and widely used program. Due to its ability to provide users with quality security, Avast has become one of the top choices around the globe. Easy to use, not complicated in navigation - people fell in love with this tool from the very beginning. Some Avast users may face the situation when they tried to download some third-party firewall (or any other) but simply could not do this. It happens due to the fact that ...
AVG Driver Updater Review, pros and cons, price, full guide

AVG Driver Updater Review

What is AVG Driver Updater As the name suggests, this tool was designed for one goal: to automatically update the user's drivers. Yes, this is a driver updater, and it checks 127K+ drivers during a scan. It looks for new updates from 100+ major brands, including Microsoft, HP, Samsung, NVidia, and more. The software works in real-time, making sure your OS is keeping up with the latest updates. According to the developer, this tool gives you fewer system crashes, a faster-working browser, improved graphics, better audio, and a more stable O ...
password manager, best password manager

Best Password Manager

A bad password is a vulnerability we create for ourselves. Even though everyone knows about the importance of a reliable combination, a lot of users still have qwerty-like passwords. And those who invest a bit into creating a more complex sequence of numbers and letters, tend to use one password for multiple accounts. This approach is better than using simple passwords, but it still puts your sensitive data at risk. If hackers find out the combination you’re using, they will get access to several services. The best solution is to use a diff ...
Kaspersky Security Cloud review

Kaspersky Security Cloud review

What is Kaspersky Security Cloud? Kaspersky Security Cloud fuses the best characteristics of Kaspersky antivirus software, providing flexible security against digital threats to the home devices. Kaspersky Security Cloud will not only shield your devices against viruses and malware but will help ensure the most eminent level of protection always. For example: If Kaspersky Security Cloud detects that a child is using your device, you will be asked to install the app to protect children from dangerous content. If you set a simple passwo ...
Panda CleanUp Review

Panda CleanUp Review

Everyone has, at least, once in their lifetimes, thought about making their computers work better, faster, and more efficient. Luckily, Panda Security Clean Up is a feature that can make it happen. The option provided by one of the topnotch security software allows speeding up your computer’s performance, as well as delete all unneeded registry keys. What is Panda CleanUP? Clean Up function can considerably speed up your PC’s performance; besides, it will free some space on your hard disk removing the useless files. Here is what you can do t ...
McAfee LiveSafe Review: pros and cons, features, review

McAfee LiveSafe Review

What is McAfee LiveSafe McAfee LifeSafe is a security app, elaborated and well-featured, and more trustworthy than some other protection software. It is one of the top security apps compatible with various devices with a very reasonable price. There’s no worrying about personal data loss if you have this security suite. McAfee is an American based company providing security software for several devices. It comes with the feature of protecting your data from being stolen. So, it can block the data breach on your device. Also, security softw ...
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