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AVG TuneUp Review

AVG Tune UP review

What is AVG TuneUp

AVG TuneUp is a fantastic software tool for both beginners and skilled users who want to abridge maintenance measures from AVG (about AVG read our in our AVG review). If you did not know you had to take care of your PC, it would surely help! The AVG TuneUp encompasses a collection of tools designed to help everyone: free space management, speed optimization, secure file deletion, and more.

Notable, the advantages you will get will be different depending on the device on which you install TuneUp. If you have a new PC, you will most likely not see any sudden improvements, since your system is exceptional, and by now using maximum efficiency. But if you have had your computer for a long time and have used it thoroughly, you will be amazed by the developments in free space recovery, boot time, and so on.

Generally, AVG TuneUp is a computer system optimization software that promises to give fewer errors, more storage space, longer battery life, and higher speeds.

AVG TuneUp review: pros and cons

Should You Use TuneUp for Your PC?

As it was noted, AVG PC TuneUp is a computer system optimization application that promises to offer more storage space, higher velocities, a more extended battery life, and fewer errors, all with a configuration. With 17 tools, it is a whole set of Windows utility software. AVG TuneUp promises to restore the initial speed of your PC. Although it did not bring significant general improvements to our test computer, it increased the boot speed tremendously.

Overall, AVG PC TuneUp enhanced the test computer by 12.5, above the category average, but not adequate to be evident every day — none of the tested applications produced essential improvements.

The TuneUp Tools

The primary interface of TuneUp is separated into four major categories of general activities: maintenance, speed up (acceleration), free space, fix problems (troubleshooting), then a universal group called all functions for fast access to specific tools. You can also decide between diverse battery saving modes, airplane mode (now integrated with native Windows 10) and a backup hub that allows you to cancel unintentional or unwanted changes made by TuneUp.

  • Maintenance: The Maintenance section is a one-click technique for evaluating the general state of the computer, as well as the early scan, that runs almost instantly after the installation procedure is complete. It’s a quick way to make sure you do not lose disk space on your system’s logs, cache, and browser data, and your computer turns on and off as quickly as possible.
  • Speed Up: The acceleration of computer responsiveness is one of AVG’s essential claims, but sadly, the results do not always go with the hype. However, it does speed up the PC.
  • Free up space: This tab provides nearly all of the TuneUp options for working with disk space and files in a convenient place. You can clear the system cache, delete duplicate files, and log files, and delete browser data.
  • Fix problems: It is appealing to note that this segment is one of the least useful of the program. Of the three main essentials of this section, just one is a program included with TuneUp, whereas the others propose the installation of AVG Driver Updater and HMA VPN Pro for security and privacy on the Internet.

Prices and Licenses

AVG TuneUP: review, prices

When you download this tool from the certified website, AVG offers a 30-day free trial. You will have the right to use the features of the paid version. After these 30 days, TuneUp will automatically downgrade back to the free version. Yes, there is also a 100% free version, which does not have precise functions, but which remains very good.

Here are the subscription plans obtainable:

  • One year plan: $ 49.99
  • Two-year plan: $ 99.99
  • Three-year plan: $ 149.99

As you can see, there is no incentive for long-term assurance. However, if you also obtain AVG Internet Security or Secure VPN, you will be given considerable discounts of up to 50%. The same goes for all other AVG products: you will gain from considerable discounts if you buy two or more products at a time.

If you want an antivirus and an optimization tool, consider buying the AVG Ultimate package. It combines the antivirus features of AVG Internet Security with the TuneUp tool and costs $ 30 less than the two separately purchased products.

How to use AVG

Compared to other optimization programs, AVG PC TuneUp searches for useless files and old backups and examines them at the same time as no other optimization software can. Eliminates not needed data that accumulates every time, slowing down your computers. It also eliminates temporary Internet files and memory problems.

AVG PC TuneUp also offers superb repair tools for standard Windows problems in no time. With a few clicks, common frail areas, wrong PC settings, and other hard disk errors are resolved. It also keeps your hard drive in shape and quickly and securely restores deleted files by accident.

AVG TuneUp speed up, fixing problems


  • Scheduler: With this feature, users can schedule diverse optimization processes when the system is inactive.
  • TuneUp Styler: This convenient feature allows users to modify the Windows theme with no trouble. With TuneUp Styler, users can edit icons, buttons, borders, and more.
  • Rating Function: Deleting some startup programs can have a significant impact on system performance, but it is demanding to know which programs to remove. This feature, a community assessment system, provides users with information about each startup program. This information helps users decide which programs Windows should be able to start and which should be disabled.
  • Efficiency: Most of the tools incorporated in AVG TuneUp are useful, especially if you are not a skilled user. It can be helpful to automate some of the most boring (and often overlooked) maintenance tasks that allow your devices to attain the best performance. Starting program control, finding duplicate files, and safely removing them are significant options that are hard to manage yourself.
  • Easy to use: PC TuneUp offers a straightforward, intuitive, and clean interface. At startup, the PC TuneUp main menu is presented to users. From there, users can easily access all essential components of the program, labeled in an easy to understand manner. Running these components is very easy and usually requires only a few mouse clicks. The options are also easy to customize.
  • Support: Overall, TuneUp’s support is pretty good. The prompts of the application are many and useful, and there is a thorough help file (although in the PC version it uses the outdated Windows help system which does not seem to have been customized by Windows 95). If you need extra support, AVG offers live chat with technical support and even a hotline for persons who would like to speak to their representative.

Our Verdict

AVG TuneUp is an excellent approach to make more straightforward, everyday maintenance tasks to keep your computer running at climax performance levels. Many bundled tools cover a wide variety of situations, and most are pretty good.

AVG has created a suitable and easy-to-use tool. The installation is straightforward: download the .exe file and follow the instructions. Compared to other optimization tools, AVG TuneUp is a better price choice. As long as you do not anticipate the program to perform wonders by transforming your old PC into a brand new one, you’ll be pleased with the way the AVG TuneUp can make simpler your PC maintenance.


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