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Compare Avast vs AVG

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Avast vs AVG: Which is Best in 2020?

To make the best of your experience with using the laptop, computer, or portable device, you should make sure it will not be infected, and your data will not be leaked. The optimal way to protect your computer and ensure its security is by installing an antivirus program. Whether you use Windows or macOS, there is a huge variety of programs for you to choose from.

There is decent software that is free of charge, as well as complex holistic systems with multiple features and purposes. However, another thing to mind is the antivirus’s use for you in particular, for you may not need all the features it provides or, conversely, require some specific ones. For example, if there is a single computer you use, multi-platform support and parental control features will not be necessary. This time, we make a comparison of two popular security programs, Avast vs. AVG, so you can pick the one that suits you most.

Features Comparison of Avast vs AVG

Both programs are popular among users, so to make this comparison of antiviruses as fair and precise as possible, we need to take a close look at all their features. We will overview the set of features in each one in general, and then, check their performance in these features. What we will mention here will be about their scanning performance, types of threats they detect, operating systems compatibility, usability, additional features, pricing differences, and support service.

However, not only the presence of features is important here. We will check if and how these antiviruses handle them. Such a comparison is important to draw in terms of both the presence of some features and the quality of protection they ensure.

Avast Antivirus

Avast Secure Firewall, Avast Antivirus review, Awast Internet Security

The first thing to clarify about Avast is that it has quite a large suite of features, but it depends on the plan you choose as a user. Later, we will discuss what the free version offers, but here, we will dwell on them all. All the available features of Avast go in the Ultimate antivirus package. With this suite, you can protect your hardware and internet connection without any third-party add-ons from third-party services. It has a VPN service, which will allow you to stay anonymous and access content that is not available in your country.

Besides, it has a built-in clean-up feature, so you can remove junk from your device without having to install a separate program for it. Finally, this plan has a powerful and secure password manager, so you can store all the important data in one place without a threat of it being leaked.

Out of the general capacities of the antivirus, Avast stands out for a powerful firewall that protects your computer from hacker attacks. It has a variety of scanning options, such as real-time scanning, USB-scanning, scheduled and manual scans, and automated scanning for viruses. Nonetheless, it maintains a balance between scanning your device and protecting your computer online. The interface is clear and intelligible, so its another benefit is the accessibility for any type of user.

AVG Antivirus

AVG Antivirus: User Interface.

The difference Avast vs. AVG must be quite subtle, as these two programs match in most of the features, yet, there is a difference in the extra ones. Just as the latter, AVG has a powerful set of tools and features to keep your device safe. Depending on the suit of your choice, the number of features increases, from the basic scanning for malware to the complex protection system.

Regarding the overall features, AVG does not have the gamer mode protection and smartphone optimizer, which may be useful for specific audiences, i.e. people who are keen on video games and those who need extra protection for their mobile device.

However, AVG is an example of a two-way firewall and utility for file encryption, which ensure quality malware protection and safe online experience. Additionally, AVG has the device tune-up feature, which is not available in any Avast plan; namely, it adjusts its interface and features installed in and tunes the processes in it up for smooth running.

Neither of the antivirus solutions showcased has parental control mode, chat protecting features, and they are not compatible with iOS. However, the latter is not necessary for these mobile devices.

Сomparison AVG vs Avast for Android

Avast for android, best antivirus for android

If you are particularly interested in antivirus for an Android device, you will have to be ready to purchase your software. In the comparison between Avast vs. AVG for Android, they both have a feature of supporting Android devices showing different availability of the feature.

Avast mobile security offers free device protection, which is represented as threat detection, security alerts, file, and link scanning, and connection security. There are two paid plans in Avast for Android: Pro and Ultimate. With a Pro plan, you can secure your files, pictures, and applications with another level of protection. You can set a PIN, graphic key, or a fingerprint to open those. The Ultimate plan tops that up and offers online anonymity with a VPN connection.

Avg for Android

The offers of AVG for Android phone users are more diverse. There are also several plans for this mobile software: the free one and the Pro one. The basic suite for the former also includes threat detection, alerts, and connection security features. Additionally, this plan has and Anti-Theft tracker.If you lost your phone or have it stolen, all it takes is opening the site and seeing its location on Google Maps.

Moreover, if it seems nonreturnable, you can delete all the files from it remotely. The pro antivirus has two more interesting features: application blocker and control camera, which allows seeing who was using your phone.

Сomparison AVG vs Avast for Mac

Avast for macOS

Both antivirus solutions are compatible with macOS. Avast offers multi-level security for Apple devices that detects all types of malware timely and blocks threats before they can damage your device. There are two plans for macOS Avast. The Avast Security plan blocks malware in real-time and prevents them from opening in the first place.

It also includes such features as scanning: you can perform a full scan, select the folders manually, or schedule the scanning for later. The antivirus scans all the portable devices automatically. The Premium plan for Mac has two extra features: the first one notifies you if your network has been hacked, and the second one protects your browser from phishing sites.

AVG for macOS

There are also two AVG plans for Mac. The basic one is based on triple protection. The program runs in the background without overloading the device. The Internet security feature ensures safe surfing.

The basic plan is free. It includes the following features: blocking malware, spyware, and phishing sites in real-time mode; blocking suspicious links and downloads; scanning files and programs for threats; automatic security update. The extra features in the paid plan include personal files security with enhanced phishing protection and blocking websites for payment security.

Compare AVG Free vs Avast Free

You can use a free plan for either of the programs. Naturally, the feature suite will be quite limited, but it will work well as long as it covers your individual security needs. However, there are several differences in terms of what goes for free. Both of them aim at serving their initial purpose, namely detecting and blocking malware of different kinds. However, here their similarities almost end.

The features that are available in Avast Free are monitoring the wireless connection and exposes its intruders and security threats to the connection. Another free feature is password security. It stores all the passwords you save in a vault. Usually, the password manager is a feature in advanced plans, so if you need attention to your personal information, you can get it even with the free plan.

AVG antivirus has different free features. The first one is blocking unsafe email attachments, links, and downloads, so you will know for sure that the files you download are not harmful. Second, it scans the computer for performance problems, so you will know right away if there is any problem with the system. Finally, it makes real-time security updates, namely works in the background and constantly checks the security status.

Thus, if you do not need anything extraordinary, you can choose which of the free plans suits you better.

Avast vs AVG price Comparison

PackageFirst-Year PriceRegular Price
Avast Internet Security$59.99
Avast Premier$69.99
Avast Ultimate$99.99
AVG Internet Security$89.99
AVG Ultimate$119.99

So, how much does Avast cost vs AVG? Both of them offer a variety of plans, and the price for each depends on the set of features. Apart from the free suit, Avast has three more options:

  • Internet Security, for $59.99 a year
  • Premier, for $69.99 a year
  • Ultimate, for $99.99 a year

They have features and utilities that allow surfing the internet safely. Those are the examination of suspicious apps, enhanced security for shopping sites, and an extra layer of ransomware security. Also, there are system and apps updates, gaming mode, security features for web cameras, premium password managers, and VPN services.

AVG has two more paid plans:

  • Internet Security, for $89.99 a year
  • Ultimate, for $119.99 a year

Their features are virtually similar to Avast, except for the gaming mode. Nonetheless, the prices for the most complete plan are the same for both of them.

Avast vs AVG: Which is Better?

After a thorough review of what these two security products can offer to you as a user, it is quite difficult to say that one is bad and the other is good. However, based on the variety of features, as well as their quality and availability in the free version, the winner is Avast. Nonetheless, AVG is quite close to this result.

Both antivirus solutions give their users a variety of choices and adjust to different platforms and operating systems. In any case, the final decision belongs to the user, as it is also important that one feels comfortable using it and pays exactly for their particular needs met. Besides, Avast and AVG both have a trial version, so you can try them before committing to a certain one.

Highlights Avast vs AVG


  • One of most popular antivirus globally
  • The Free version is among the best offers on the market
  • Impressive results in third-party tests
  • The dashboard is very friendly and easy to use
  • Great value for the money


  • One of the most reliable antivirus packages on the market.
  • The interface is very “trendy” and easy to use
  • AVG Antivirus will protect your device from spyware, ransomware, and viruses
  • Free version is rather decent
  • 30-day money-back guarantee gives you access to the second tier for one full month

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