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PC Matic vs Avast: Which is better?

There’s a lot of options for your considerations when you pick up the antivirus software for your working station. Without a doubt, you need a layer of protection before going on the internet search or even using your files offline. 

We highly encourage you to check out all possible articles and professional takes on the topic of the antivirus software, including our short article review on PCmatic and Avast similarities, differences, and overall usefulness in fighting against malware. 

Today we are going to focus on the features, prices, and give you a verdict on which one of the two brands does a better job at being your first choice when thinking about internet security. 

Main features of PCmatic and Avast  

Both Avast and PCmatic have shown outstanding results in malware protection and various paid tools for securing your PC or laptop.

Avast Antivirus

Avast Antivirus Ransomware Shield.

Without a doubt, Avast is one of the most popular and known brands out there. Avast is praised for its user-friendliness, usability, reliability, and minimal impact on the system. It is effective to find and remove malware, protect you from phishing sites, and provide you with additional tools for the web browser.

The latest passive mode allows other antivirus programs to be run simultaneously. Still, even though we are not against the idea of having several antiviruses, we would recommend picking up the strongest one on the market. It depends on the OS and hardware you have, but Avast is doing a decent job to protect your laptop or PC without additional help. 

PC Matic Antivirus

PC Matic Security scanning process.

PC Matic is not as popular as Avast. Still, it also gained the attention of specialists for its malware protection effectiveness, as it uses its approach to detecting and removing malware. It is compatible even with older computers and has a low-performance impact overall. It offers an informative results page, PC optimization tools, and has built-in AdBlocker. 

However, even though there are not many independent labs testing, PC Matic has shown a higher possibility to show false positives, which is not great news for the antivirus software. It is still a decent choice for people who use outdated computers and want to receive a decent product for an adequate price. 

PC Matic free vs Avast free

PC Matic Antivirus Extra Features.

PC Matic free version is quite limited in its features, although it may serve as a trial version for your consideration of the future purchase of the product. While having a free version, you may scan your computer and get rid of viruses it will find. The scan is still great, but not enough for your computer protection.

Avast shows more impressive results with their free version, still not to the fullest extent, but it offers free password manager and free web browser extension. You also can scan and remove some malware found by the trial version. There is no firewall in the free version.

PC Matic vs Avast Prices Comparison

 PC MaticAvast
First Year Price 
Regular Price $50$69.99

PC Matic has shown good results with malware detection and its removal, with the possibility to connect 5 devices when buying a package. PC Matic offers automated PC maintenance feature that helps your system to stay fresh and clean, getting rid of old and unnecessary programs. It also has a unique possibility to get a lifetime subscription.

Avast is more versatile with its paid features, from the firewall to web browser extensions that keep spyware and ransomware away from you. VPN, Cleanup, and driver update are ones among many tools available after purchasing the Premium package.

Which one is better: the PC Matic Antivirus or Avast Antivirus?

It is hard to argue that Avast is more advanced and competent in its job of being a modern antivirus software solution for your laptop or PC. It deals perfectly with malware and offers a variety of additional features for your safe online and offline experience. 

At the same time, PC Matic is still a decent choice for those who value the balance of functionality and price. If you need to keep your previous generation computer at peak performance, then you should give it a try.

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Highlights PCMatic vs Avast


  • Decent free trial version
  • Protects your computer & network from harmful attacks
  • Provides updates frequently
  • Lifetime subscription is available


  • One of most popular antivirus globally
  • The Free version is among the best offers on the market
  • Impressive results in third-party tests
  • The dashboard is very friendly and easy to use
  • Great value for the money

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